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Tesla Semi Working at Fremont Factory Aiding Tesla


Tesla Semi is spotted among regular work trucks amid Fremont Factory’s Q4 blitz, reports Teslarati, referring to an image from Gabeincal.

We have seen in the past Tesla Semi helping Tesla in critical moments when Tesla needed more trucks to increase its sales and deliveries. The same is happening now when Tesla is about to possibly deliver it's the best quarter.

"Now that the company is undergoing what could very well be its most important blitz of vehicle production and deliveries to date, the Tesla Semi seems to be preparing for deployment once more. The Class 8 long-hauler was spotted on the grounds of the Fremont Factory recently, operating alongside other semi-trailers. The Semi was pulling a trailer behind it, though it seemed to be carrying some concrete weights instead of a regular cargo unit," writes Simon Alvarez in Teslarati.

The same happened in September of 2020, when Tesla Owners Silicon Valley wrote on Twitter, "The Tesla Semi is helping deliver in Q3’20. Truly amazing to see deliveries happening 100% emission-free. I can’t wait to this is the norm."

The same was true in the second quarter, with Tesla President of Automotive Jerome Guillen noting on LinkedIn that the Semi “did come to rescue the dinosaurs.” Together with his post, the executive shared an image of the Semi parked beside traditional car carrier trucks, hinting at the battery-electric truck’s contributions during the end of Q2.

Simon Alvarez also notes that "Considering that the Tesla Semi has been spotted in the Fremont Factory, it would not be surprising if the all-electric Class 8 long-hauler would soon be sighted delivering vehicles once more. Both of Tesla’s known Semi prototypes have been known to help out during the company’s delivery initiatives, after all, especially during the end of the quarter."

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