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Tesla May Start Building 4680 Battery Cells at Giga Shanghai

Tesla May Start Building 4680 Battery Cells at Giga Shanghai


Tesla Battery R&D Team in China is recruiting: battery mechanical design engineer, battery technical program manager, battery cell engineer, battery safety engineer, design & manager intern. Is Giga Shanghai going to make 4680 batteries as well?

According to one opinion, which I read on Twitter, it's unlikely that Tesla one day starts a production of its own 4680 battery cells. "China is the home of LFP and LFP is best for EVs or large applications. This is likely for Tesla to develop better packaging for batteries like cell to pack or BYD Blade," wrote one Twitter user.

People think Elon Musk went to China just for production. Actually, Elon knows the majority of top engineers in the 2020s and beyond will be trained in China. Tesla is gathering the best engineering marvels in the world. Its future is foreseeable based on how superior cars Tesla can potentially build if it hires the best engineers in car, software and battery technologies.

Also, I think it would make sense to produce all their cars with the 3 piece cast and structural battery in all their factories.

Some people say it would be silly not to make your own 4680 batteries if you think about it. What do you think about it? Let me know, please, your thoughts in the comments section below.

Tesla’s production 4680 battery cells debuted at the Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo event on April 7th. According to materials posted in the Cyber Rodeo factory tour, Giga Texas is fully equipped to assemble Tesla’s 4680 structural battery pack at full scale.

“Made at Gigafactory Texas, our new tabless 4680 cell lowers the cost per kilowatt hour. We have everything we need under one roof to produce and assemble the first high-volume structural battery pack, using our fully integrated process,” stated one of Tesla’s infographics in the Cyber Rodeo factory tour.

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