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This Tesla Kit Looks Like Cabinet Drawers and Unlocks Model Y's Camping Mode

This Tesla Kit Looks Like Cabinet Drawers and Unlocks Model Y's Camping Mode

Look at this very cool and new Tesla Camping Mode kit, which looks like cabinet drawers, an, which is created by the host of Living in Tesla YouTube Channel, Jimmy Cheung.

Tesla's Camp Mode has made their vehicles popular among weekend warriors, road trippers, and full-time campers. Now, Jimmy Cheung, the creator and host of Living in Tesla YouTube channel, built his first Tesla Model Y camping kit about a year ago and documented the entire process in a detailed YouTube video. Many people have followed along and built similar kits for their own vehicles, but it requires a lot of effort, learnings, and additional tool purchases. This one is really cool, as it looks like cabinet drawers in the Model Y's trunk.

After many struggles and fielding comments from viewers and DIYers over the last year, Jimmy's design company Fruble Fabrication has launched a pre-cut, pre-drilled DIY kit called the Complete Fruble Camper Kit. It's a 31-piece kit that has been precision cut and pre-drilled, which makes it easier for anyone to build their very own Tesla Model Y camping setup with minimal tools. The kit adds a set of multifunction utility drawers to the rear hatch area of the car, which can be installed even with the rear seats up and host a camp kitchen, pop-up sink, and some storage.

When it's time to go camping, the rear seats are folded down with two drawers from the kit installed on top, transforming the rear of the Tesla Model Y 5-seater into a flat sleeping platform. The kit takes all of Jimmy's learnings from living in his Tesla Model 3 and now in his Tesla Model Y full-time to bear.

This new product was designed specifically for the Tesla Model Y 5-seater, including the Performance edition, and not only makes camping easy and functional, but it ensures you're still able to use the lower rear trunk area for storage.

The Complete Fruble Camper Kit looks extremely well thought out and pays a ton of attention to quality, evident in the kit.

At just $1,500 Canadian including shipping on Kickstarter, it feels like a bargain compared to many of the other higher price kits out there for overlanding vehicles. As the only camping kit of its kind for the Tesla Model Y, it opens tons of doors for even more people looking to adventure in their Teslas. Do you like it?

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