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Camp Mode Lets You Camp the Night Away in Your Tesla

Tesla just released a video about camp mode for your Tesla vehicle. Camp mode allows you to turn your Tesla car into a comfortable cabin. Here's what camp mode does.

Tesla Camp Mode

Tesla has a camp mode that you can put your Tesla vehicle into to make your stay anywhere comfortable while camping in your Tesla. Just put your vehicle into camp mode to maintain its cabin lighting, temperature, airflow and to play music. All while using less battery.

Image you have packed the back of your Tesla with bags and supplies for a camping trip on the beach. You're driving down dirt roads and make it to the beach where you have a picnic with your significant other or friends.

You will use less power in your vehicle with camp mode turned on and can set the cabin temperature to stay consistent throughout the night. You play music and relax in your car while staying comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.

You have a meal and talk while gazing at the stars through the clear ceiling of your Model 3 or Model Y Tesla. The relaxing music soothes you to sleep.

Traveling as a nomad with a Tesla

Camp mode is pretty innovative. The car can run the HVAC system with all the other systems turned off. This will allow you to have your car use minimal power. In the Model Y vehicle we saw, there was plenty of room for the person sleeping in the back.

The windows on the side were open as was the back of the car. I wonder how much room there is if you put the seats back and have all the windows and back door closed. Unfortunately, there is no way to also put the front seats down, but that would be really cool if you could. Perhaps the Cybertruck will allow this.

We can see that the owner of the Model Y vehicle, who appears to be about 6 feet tall, was able to fit inside his Tesla vehicle when he shut the back door and had a few inches to spare. However, I am 6'4'', and I'm not sure there would be enough room for me to sleep in my Tesla because I'm too tall.

There are mattresses for around $275 that you can put in the back of your Tesla in case you need to sleep in it. Folding up the mattress will take up quite a bit of space in the car, however. There's still other room to store stuff, but you'll sacrifice some of it for comfort. There are multiple online websites that sell camping mattresses and Tesla specific mattresses.

Cybertruck Camping

I am hoping that the Cybertruck will somehow have the option to have the back and front seats both be able to collapse and to be able to have a comfortable mattress in order to sleep in your Cybertruck. If this were possible, that would be really cool.

If you are going to be traveling a lot, having a Tesla where you can park and sleep instead of staying in hotels may be a great option for you. I know that when I get my Cybertruck, I'm going to take it out to a few places and camp in it to see what the experience is like.

What do you think about Tesla camp mode? Is this something you will use? Do you own a Tesla to use it in?

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Image Credit - Tesla Camp Video