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Tesla Giga Texas Is Making Progress With Casting Machine Facility


Casting machine facility at the Tesla Giga Texas factory is taking some good form, shows the drone video by our friend Joe Tegtmeyer.

Joe, who regularly flies his drone over Tesla Giga Texas and shares news updates on the recent state of Tesla's Austin Gigafactory, flew his drone again on a foggy day and share this video with our Torque News community.

Joe says, "the long excavation area now has been expanded a bit and equally distanced cutouts go around the perimeter ... this really looks like the casting machine area but unlike Giga Berlin, this one looks to be linear. It appears that 8 or 10 casting machines can fit in this area! Will continue to monitor as they build this out."

Also, there is one area called a Giga Pit. Joe says workers are busy adding more concrete at Giga Pit, located at the southern side of Giga Texas.

"In one of the more developed parts of the Big Pit, the drone operator noticed more column footings take shape. There were four-column footings near a moisture barrier that worked to center the foundation of Giga Texas’s first potential building. Another set of column footings were visibly being formed beside the structure with the moisture barrier," notes Maria Merano at

Tesla is gradually moving away from Kuka robotic arms and replacing them with casting machines, built by an Italian company IDRA.

Let's watch Joe's latest Giga Texas update from November 12, 2020, and keep in mind that besides Model Y production, Gigafactory Texas will have the daunting job of manufacturing Tesla’s unique EV pickup truck. The Cybertruck will be Tesla’s first entry into the pickup truck market and holds great potential for the company’s growth, in many different ways. Tesla plans to start initial Cybertruck production in 2021 as well.

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