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Tesla Giga Shanghai Back in Full Swing as Delivery Trucks Flood the Factory

Tesla Giga Shanghai Back in Full Swing as Delivery Trucks Flood the Factory


Tesla Giga Shanghai is stormed by delivery trucks as production resumes. Indeed this is a good news for Giga Shanghai and Tesla’s bottom line. As I am telling you this story, please Like this video if you find it interesting and useful.

So Tesla Giga Shanghai is resuming production at high-speed and preparing to ship cars to customers as the plant is being stormed by delivery trucks and haulers.

"Tesla is planning to take full advantage of the operational days in January, and it is evident from Wu Wa‘s new video. While the plant is buzzing with activity as workers being manufacturing Model 3 and Model Y all-electric vehicles, what was more striking was the number of vehicle haulers placed outside the factory, awaiting completed vehicles to be loaded so they can be driven to their destination," writes Joey Klender in Teslaratai today.

As a drone operator at the Giga Shanghai plant since 2019, Wu Wa made interesting comments about the number of haulers present on the factory’s campus:

“I was impressed by the line of haulers waiting to enter the factory outside and the neatly arranged haulers in the factory parking area. I counted about 45 haulers parked on site, the most I’ve seen so far, and it was clear that Tesla has picked up the pace of logistics.”

Giga Shanghai does not only provide Tesla vehicles for Chinese customers. The company has routinely used the plant as an output hub for several years, feeding Model 3 units to the European market, among others.

Look, with a Giga Shanghai production rate of 1,100,000 per year means an average of 2 cars per minute 24/7/365 carriers hold about 8 cars so 4 minutes per carrier 45 haulers means they will all be filled with Tesla vehicles in 3 hours. Wow that is a massive logistics challenge.

Also, as I read under Wu Wa's video comments "If tesla could just geo-fence the route to the ports and have the cars drive themselves, it would be a massive time and cost savings!! How much does it cost to hire each hauler? Gotta be extra for all the additional time just sitting around. Plus the total amount of time wasted while waiting, then loading and unloading has got to be huge. Just imagine if the car could literally drive out of the factory and straight to the port!"

Also, the China Passenger Car Association has revealed that Tesla China was able to produce 55,796 in the last month of the year. This is a 45 percent decrease from the November record when Tesla produced 100,291 vehicles.

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