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Tesla Fans' Petition for EV Incentives Garners Widespread Attention

Tesla supporters push for EV incentives with notable petition


Tesla supporters have been filing IRA EV Incentive petition in support of Tesla. Many probably didn’t believe it will get anywhere. But now it has turned to be a very noticeable petition. And I am about to tell you how noticeable and what they can potentially achieve.

Look, the main goal of the US EV tax incentive is for US to reduce Carbon emission & promote Made in USA but the execution is bizarre. Moreover, for EPA model Y is SUV but for IRS model Y is too light-what a disconnect.

Here is what is weird. This new "incentive" was terribly written and is truly incentivizing $7,500 tax credits to people who want to buy a hybrid with 20 miles of EV range. So.... $2,500 worth of lithium ion batteries and a $7,500 tax credit. What a waste of tax dollars. And yet, a person who buys a 5-seat Model Y with a $10,000 battery pack gets nothing.

Petition from Tesla supporters demanding EV incentives gains traction.

"Among the most notable efforts pushed by the EV community so far was a petition, which called for the Inflation Reduction Act’s EV tax credit system to be fixed. The petition was initially posted by former Tesla employee turned YouTube host Farzad Mesbahi, who noted that the current system that disqualifies EVs like the Model Y in favor of hybrids is downright silly. The petition gained a lot of support, and as of writing, it has already accumulated a total of 44,849 signatures," explains Teslarati.

Let me know your thoughts about the IRA EV Tax incentive and let’s move now to China because Tesla buyers are reportedly now protesting after today’s huge price cuts.

Tesla’s stock has since turned positive and recovered from the drop that followed the price adjustment in China. However, Electrek learned that most crowds going to Tesla stores are there actually to protest the price drops.

"Several groups of recent Tesla buyers announced on Weibo that they were organizing protests at Tesla stores across the country. The protesters are sharing videos on China’s Weibo, and some of those videos are being shared in the US as customers rushing to buy following the price drop.
Tesla customers in China have a history of protesting following price drops. They first did so back in 2019 following a rare price drop from Tesla and then again in October 2022 following a price drop," Electrek reports.

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