Tesla Giga Shanghai Production 700,000 per year and 14,000 per week
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Report: Tesla Giga Shanghai Now Makes 14K Cars a Week and 700K a Year


According to a report, Tesla Giga Shanghai's production rate now exceeds 700K/year and 14K/week.

A reputable Weibo user named "Not Zheng Xiaokang," who is an automotive reporter and has 369,000 followers, writes.

"Not much attention has been paid to this area recently. According to the news heard today, Tesla’s Giga Shanghai plant has recently exceeded 700,000 vehicles per year, with a weekly output of 14,000 vehicles.

"How did JPH design this? After all, the production line has not been newly built. According to the production capacity of 500,000, the full production is 140%.

"In addition, who would dare to say that there will be less than 1 million vehicles this year, Berlin can’t keep up, and Shanghai’s extreme operation, no one dares to say anything."

People comment under his writing and ask things like why can't the production lines of several Chinese car producers be like Tesla, and the production capacity can be increased without limit? This problem is more complicated. First of all, you have to increase demand without restraint, just like Tesla.

Another person in the discussion goes even beyond this, saying The news from the supply chain I got is that model Y has a weekly output of 14,000 vehicles, excluding model 3. To this the original poster replies, saying, “It's utterly ridiculous, delete it.”

The production line at Tesla Giga Shanghai must be in three shifts without stopping.

I had already prepared this video report for Torque News, when the original reporter revealed his Twitter account, promising to share information about Tesla and other Chinese startup auto companies on twitter.

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