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Elon Musk Just Made a Rocking Tweet About Giga Berlin's Significance

Elon Musk tweets "Berlin Rocks," stressing Giga Berlin's significance for Tesla


Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a "rocking" tweet about Giga Berlin, emphasizing how significant Berlin is for Tesla's first European gigafactory.

"Berlin Rocks," tweeted Elon Musk on Sunday afternoon, after handing over 30 Model Y made-in Germany to their new owners last week at Giga Berlin's opening ceremony.

This is the second time that Elon makes that statement: "Berlin Rocks." The first time he made the same statement in the fall of 2019, adding Tesla would build an engineering and design center in the German capital.

Why Musk's short Tweet about Berlin matters for us?

Tesla’s Giga Berlin electric vehicle plant is key to its plans to significantly ramp up production and sell an estimated 1.5 million units this year. The move is expected to help Tesla establish a stronger foothold in Europe and lower reliance on the Giga Shanghai plant.

Here I want to share two interesting points regarding Elon's tweet, made by Torque News Youtube subscriber Senor Dockman. He writes.

1. What did you expect him to say? Especially after spending 5.5 billion on one factory! And then a factory in a highly regulated and unionized country!

2. I want to hear more of a per car cost basis comparison from Shanghai to Berlin to Fremont to Texas. That will tell us the effectiveness of the factory. As more and more competitors come online, Tesla will have to be competitive!

I agree with Dockman. I will see if I can research on your question regarding cost per car as the info becomes available.

What about you? How significant do you think Tesla Giga Berlin EV factory is for Tesla in general compared to the Fremont and Giga Shanghai factories?

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