i want to see pictures

I am also getting a new frame on my 2006. Very interested.

Sat at dealer 4months waiting 4 a frame from outside of usa 2 come..they did a nice job & steering is great.sept..2016 to feb. 2017..
But..refused to replace..factory safety
Shield under fuel tank,or reinstall my steptubes,or the reese,which was factory installed..and now I'm getting check engine, never has a bad #2 sensor..every 30 miles,& abs is on ..I have to ck with dealer..but I doubt they will do anything on those ?

love the truck but want it fixed

I found out that my rusting frame doesn't qualify for CRC because it is not registered in a cold weather state. I move from Connecticut (cold weather state) to South Carolina 2 years ago. Because the truck is no longer registered in a cold weather state I can't get the CDC applied even if I bring it back to Connecticut' Any suggestions or ideas how to approach this please email me at [email protected]

Go to another dealership

I brought a 1997 Toyota Tacoma about a year and a half ago and now the frame is rusted and I want to know can I still qualify to have the frame replaced I love the truck the body is in great shape it’s only 160,000 miles on the truck can someone help me you can reach me at [email protected], thanks