Please bring back the Toyota Solara. We miss the affordable convertible.

The only way I would trade in my 2007 Solara would be to buy a 2016 Solara! I love my car. The best car I've ever had. We are a Toyota family we own the 2015 Prius ,2008 Camry sedan, 2016 Toyota Corolla as well as the 2007 Toyota Camry Solara. Pleeeease bring the Solara back! I'm Sure others feel the same.

I have an '04 Solara Convertible with 190,000 miles on it and there is nothing out there to compare it to. Drove the Buick Cascada, which was ok. Got back in my car and will keep it untill it can't run anymore or toyota brings it back. It has been so reliable and it still tears up the road.

Please bring back the Toyota Solara!!!

I have a 2001 Red Solara Convertible. I noticed in Bakersfield, CA as I was driving to LA from Visalia, CA. It was parked on a back lot at Bill Wright Toyota. I got off at the next exit, and doubled back. There was a Salesman just locking the gate. I said that I would come back the next day, a Sunday. It was the exact car I had wanted, red with a gold top. I came back the next day with two friends. I got a good deal after a sweet test drive. One of the best cars I had ever owned . Still drive it, but it needs cosmetic work.

The best car I ever owned. 200,000+ miles. Still running great. Never any serious problems. .
I’d buy another in a heartbeat.

I too was a solara convertible owner. I have 1 kid and would still buy a new one if it were to come back. I loved everything about that car. Reliability, trunk space, style, and roominess. Sadly, it was totaled in a horrible rear end accident. My trunk did not survive but I did and walked away from the crash to go back to work that day.

Missing my Solara. Beat car I ever owned. Wishing Toyota would bring them back.

Please bring back the Toyota Camry Solara. I loved my car! I had it 12 years and dream it will come back!!

I have a last year Solara convertible SLE black and charcoal leather for sale. Anyone wishing they still had one oh, it has only 70,000 miles on it. You can get up with me at 302-448-6009

Yes, please bring the Solara back!!! I have a 2000 Solara with 357,000 miles on it, bought it brand new, best care ever!!!!!

I owned a 2004 Solara. When my husband and I moved to an area where we needed a truck, I mistakenly traded it in and took his car. It made sense at the time. His car was a year newer and had less miles, YET the solara booked higher reducing the truck payments greatly. I immediately regretted it. I put up with his car for a year or two then traded for a 2008 solara. This time moving up from an SE to an SLE. I love this car but its getting up there in miles. I keep hoping Toyota will bring the car back before it's time to trade again.

I loved my 2007 Solara, it was the most reliable car I’ve ever had. It ran strong until the end and I really wish Toyota would bring it back. There is no other 2 door car in the Toyota lineup that has room on the inside like the Solara. The amount of stuff I was able to fit in that car when I moved into my first apartment was unbelievable. PLEASE BRING BACK THE SOLARA...

Please bring the Solara back...

PLEEEEASE bring back the Solara!!! I drove my 1999 Solara for 15 years, 360,000 miles on it when I sold it. I sold it to a young gal for $4000.00 and she still drives it!!!
I would buy it again if it comes back!!

I bought a red 2008 convertible solara with tan interior. Absolutely loved it. Keep it in key largo. Got the exact same car, but a hard top for my home up north. If they bring the solara back I’m getting 2 new ones.

I have a 05 Solara SE Sport. I love this car and would be the first in line to buy another.

Leased my 2006 with the intent of leasing a new one when my lease was up, ended up buying it and have loved it ever since. Have 140,000 miles, just a few dings, but looks GREAT! Pearl white with shiny chrome wheels and I will tell you, I just love the heck out of it. Thought about a new car, but heck, why? Bring it back, I see them all over the place, but don't change the body style, they are cool. They run like champs!

Please bring it back best car i have ever had (2008 i have 90000miles on her)Better than my BMW 325 ever was!

Would buy another one in a heartbeat. Best car i ever owned. Bought it with 5 miles on it. Has 190,000 and drives like a new car. Only thing i have ever done to it is brakes, tires, battery, and alternator.

We have am 05 love it please bring this cover table back people who own them would buy the new one

Let's face it...the manufacturer will NEVER bring back the beloved Solara. They know people are willing to pay the money for one (so would I) but they refuse to do so. Sales would go through the roof! So why on earth would they not considering it's a win-win for all!? It's got everything to do with Lexus sales and not overshadowing the overpriced Lexus LC!!!

I was in my 06 Solara (pearl white with tan interior) when I was hit head on by a drunk driver. I had paid cash for it. The car was totaled but I climbed out the passenger side with superficial injuries. Shopped for MONTHS to find another one & bought an 08 in the same color scheme. This one has the 3.3L and I will drive it until the wheels fall off. I never thought I would love anything as much as I love my car. The first one literally saved my life. The added Bluetooth connection to my phone and slightly larger engine is worth it. I don’t even mind making my (tiny) car payment and carrying full coverage on it. I can’t think of another car I could say that about. I’m praying that Toyota will bring it back someday. It’s the only way I will willingly trade this one in. Otherwise, I will pamper this one (Betty) for as long as possible. I’m grateful she has less than 110k miles. There’s few things I enjoy more than running around with the top top down. I’m even happy running errands!

Please Please Please bring back the Solara. I keep seeing them and I wish I had bought one back then. I was too young to purchase then and I always said I would get one but they discontinued it. Make 10,000 for the year and let's see how well it does.

I bought a 2008 new, and loved it. I had to sell it in 2017 (with only 80K miles on it) because I needed a heavy-duty vehicle for a few years. I still miss that Solara every day. Now, I would LOVE to buy another. If Toyota is holding back the Solara to encourage sales of the new Lexus, please don't bother- I will not pay $100,000 for a car. Period. I have owned only Toyotas since 1990, but if I have to look to another convertible brand, so be it, I guess. Sad.