I love Subaru's and with the new look Outback, that is a perfect SUV. Very appealing. They have proven track records. In Africa, Kenya, they have never failed me for straight 7 years now especially the legacies. The rough terrain, roads with potholes, mechanically you get value for your money. VW are expensive to maintain., not pocket friendly.

We researched and reasearched again. We wanted all wheel drive, regular gasoline, fully loaded, and reliable vehicle, the Outback stood out and was top of our list. We purchased the 2016 Outback, fully loaded and love it. It's now been 1 year and absolutely no regrets. There are a couple of small things that need improvement and we would like several needed options that are not available such as heated steering wheel, a more easy readable information area. Also with the remote start there are a few glitches. But, however etc. overall the car is a delight and we love it, and plan to but another one when the time comes.

I love my 2016 3.6R with all the goodies, the 2017 has heated steering wheel but they should all come with body side mouldings.

Have had my Outback only a few days but it's a dream car so far. Love the cargo size for our rescue dogs.

Great car almost, had to replace the cooling unit with a factory upgrade and then it started loosing up to 2 qts. of oil between oil changes. Enough, Subaru you can’t make an almost good car. We moved on to another brand