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Ford Teams With Connected Car Service To Make Sync4 System Even Better

Sync4 partner INRIX will provide mobility data to drivers of Mustang Mach-E, Bronco and F-150. Data like open nearby parking spots, recharging stations and gas stations will come through Sync4 system. Ford’s latest Sync iteration will debut in 2021 Mustang Mach-E, 2021 Ford Bronco and 2021 Ford F-150.

The entire automotive industry is moving ever-so-closer to autonomy and vehicle connectivity. But we aren’t there. No worries, boomers. In fact, true autonomy is still at least a decade away, if not more.

But that doesn’t mean automakers are backing away from making today’s vehicles truly connected. Case in point, Ford’s new Sync4 system.

I’ve already written about how the new Sync4 system in the 2021 Ford Bronco will offer navigation in remote location for making running trails easy. But Ford just announced another data aggregating partnership that will involve the aforementioned Bronco, but also the Mustang Mach-E and the 2021 Ford F-150.

As people around the world start driving more again, Ford and INRIX will soon help them find cheaper options for fuel prices and that elusive open parking spot.

INRIX, Inc., a leading provider of connected car services and transportation analytics, today announced that its parking and fuel services will be soon available in Ford vehicles around the world. Available in the all new SYNC 4 connected vehicle system with navigation, drivers will be able to easily find, compare and navigate to available parking spaces, as well as search for the lowest fuel prices and drive to stations nearby.

Starting with the all-electric Mustang Mach-E, Bronco two- and four-door models and all-new F-150, new SYNC 4 real-time connectivity ensures drivers have the latest available traffic, incident, parking, charging and fuel information. SYNC 4 technology also combines conversational voice recognition with internet search, so drivers and passengers always have access to the latest information – from the closest parking spot to the cheapest gas station nearby.

“Customers want connected vehicle technologies to work more like smartphones with real-time, personalized services – and that is exactly what SYNC 4 offers, including INRIX’s parking and fuel price innovations,” said Gary Jablonski, manager, Ford Connected Vehicle Infotainment Systems. “For example, many F-150 customers drive from job to job in new areas where we can help guide them to gas stations and parking spots closest to them, or perhaps a bit further if they are looking for cheaper options.”

INRIX launched the industry’s first dynamic off-street parking service in 2013, followed by the first integrated on-street parking solution in June 2015. SYNC 4 will soon provide users with routes to the closest street and garage spot, including rates, restrictions and real-time occupancy. INRIX Parking offers access to the world’s most comprehensive and accurate parking database in 150 countries.

“Since 2008, INRIX has played an important role bringing connected services to Ford SYNC drivers,” said Bryan Mistele, president and CEO of INRIX. “These services are no longer just a selling point but a requirement – real-time information like traffic, parking and fuel play a critical role in the entire driving experience.”

INRIX Fuel allows drivers to search for nearby stations and view dynamic pricing to find their preferred fuel at the lowest price. OPIS by IHS Markit powers the service, providing location, brand and real-time pricing information for more than 380,000 fuel stations around the world.

INRIX collects billions of anonymous data points every day from a diverse set of sources, including connected vehicles, cities, DOTs, road weather conditions, journalistic incidents, social media, parking, mobile and other IoT devices. With the ability to offer transportation services on every road in the world, INRIX is a leading provider of mobility intelligence for automakers, transit agencies and businesses.

Ford Telenav off-road navigation Sync4Sync4 Updates For Bronco, F-150
In the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco and the next-generation 2021 Ford F-150, Ford has promised that both vehicles will be the most connected vehicles on the road (along with the aforementioned Mustang Mach-E).

In doing so, Ford partnered with other data aggregating companies. In addition to the partnership with INRIX, Ford has partnered with Telenav to offer modern, connected vehicle information to help today’s truck and SUV owners navigate daily life.

For everyday driving, the connected navigation experience will give F-150 and Bronco owners the latest maps for reliable, time-saving navigation and location information such as finding cheap and available parking or a well-reviewed restaurant to eat along the way. The navigation solution uses real-time traffic conditions to provide the fastest routes with alerts of incidences like accidents and congestions along the route. To help minimize distractions while driving, customers can use SYNC 4’s digital voice assistance for many of these features.

Ford Telenav trailer guidance Sync4

“Ford and Telenav are building on a long-term collaboration to help customers get the most out of their vehicles, whether it’s advising F-150 customers to steer around traffic jams to help save time getting to jobs or keeping Bronco off-roaders on track on their exciting adventures,” said H.P. Jin, Telenav Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re proud to be a partner in that with our connected navigation solution and services.”

F-150 and Bronco customers also will have access to up-to-date landmarks and businesses in the surrounding area with their descriptions and user ratings from Yelp. Telenav’s one-box search technology makes looking up addresses and destinations simple and convenient, intelligently prioritizing results based on the user’s location and personal preferences. The navigation solution incorporates prediction service that anticipates the user’s destinations and automatically makes routing suggestions, all without the user having to enter a single word.

I’m excited about so many things regarding the 2021 Bronco and 2021 F-150, but I’m really anxious to test out Sync4. Ford has made quite a progression in this infotainment system. It was revolutionary with Sync1 and the partnership with Microsoft, but then they got widely panned and criticized for Sync2, especially the voice commands, but then made nice noticeable improvements in Sync 3.

With everything I’m reading about Sync4 it sounds like it could be really cutting edge. I love new car technology and I love vehicle connectivity. It may not appeal to many, but for me, I’m excited about what the future may hold in regard to vehicle connectivity.

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