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Toyota Prius Owners Can Now Join The High Mileage Club

Do you have a high mileage Prius? Show it off with these cool accessories for you and your car.

Being a part of a Prius club is unique. We typically do not talk about horsepower or our quarter-mile times, but more about miles per gallon.

Prius owners also love to talk about how durable the little car is and how many miles we all have on ours. Thinking about high mileage got me thinking. Do we have a high-mileage club?

I began looking around and found an excellent site that has a bunch of cool Prius stuff. Here is what I found out

The Prius High Mileage Club
There are many Prius owners out there who have well over 200,000 miles. I like to brag to my friends about how many miles I have on my Prius and how well it runs.

I found this sticker and others on a store online where you can now get a badge of honor for your car. I thought it was pretty neat.

Toyota Prius High Mileage Club Other Prius Accessories
I poked around the site a little more and found other items that seem to be Prius related. I found Prius mileage T-shirts and some cool hybrid shirts also.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Life T

It is not much here, but it appears the store is building a few things out right now. Check out the store here.

Our Prius' are elegant cars, and they are built to last. I am going to order my 200k club sticker now for my 2010 Prius that I brought back from the dead.

Thanks, everyone, that is all for today. I look forward to seeing your pictures of stickers on your cars soon! Check out 2 Ways To Avoid $6,000 In Repairs On Your Toyota Prius.

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Tyrone Mummey (not verified)    June 8, 2020 - 6:36AM

I have 2011 Prius with 61,000 + I use premium fuel in it from she'll or Chevron The car runs faster then using regular unlead fuel , on flat roads 60.2 miles per gallon...!! That's my story ......!!

Tyrone Mummey (not verified)    June 8, 2020 - 6:37AM

I have 2011 Prius with 61,000 + I use premium fuel in it from she'll or Chevron The car runs faster then using regular unlead fuel , on flat roads 60.2 miles per gallon...!! That's my story ......!!

mike mello (not verified)    December 3, 2020 - 4:59PM

I got 2012 Toyota Hybrid Prius. I get a random, intermittent thump at the bottom of the right front passenger door, at the bottom. Maybe as low as the rocker panel at that low location. It sounds like a rock thrown up into the wheelwell by a tire, but the thump sound is not that location. Sometimes it sounds like when a metal gas can that is left in the sun, it mite buckle and create a sound. There are no moving parts there. The dealership is perplexed. Any ideas? Thank you

Bruce Berquist (not verified)    August 18, 2021 - 10:19PM

I own a 2003 Prius 4 Door Sedan that is in excellent condition with 155000mi on it.

Trouble is, thieves literally tore out nearly my entire exhaust system.
The other trouble is that I did not have the type of insurance to cover it's replacement, and I am disability retired with almost no financial resources to to afford a OEM or OEM style replacement system.

I intend to be a lifer owner of this car. I love it.

Having been a master auto and motorcycle tech for over 40 years, I have designed an affordable replacement system that I can assemble myself.

It will be missing no OEM sensors, but will be only running one brand new ODBII catalytic converter (I just purchased at $57) that outlets to a straight 1.5" mid-pipe to the muffler pipe. It will be missing the secondary Cat and its heat valve system. It will be missing the Resonator. (I will consider installing a resonator if the system is too loud with out it)

I have done careful research and in my state of NH this system will pass inspection because it does pass the federal muster of requirements. And No, I know it will not pass CA or NY CARB requirements (though I am almost certain it would pass their emissions wand)

Here's where I would like some comment and advise. I would appreciate any helpful response.

As designed, is there anything about my exhaust system assembly that would throw off any of the computer systems diagnostics?

Have I overlooked anything that would effect good run-ability?

This car has been well maintained quite trouble code clean all of its life, except for one recent Hybrid Battery voltage code that I solved by recreating clean terminal connections on the rail to the individual cells.

I suspect that with out the second Cat and it's heat valve system I will have to warm my Prius up a little longer for the cat to get to functional temperature.

There might be a slight back-pressure difference without the resonator, but will that very slight, if any, difference trigger any trouble codes?

Thanks for reading this.
I will appreciate any of your feedback.

Bruce Berquist