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Now Is The Time To Get Your Hands On This LImited Edition Toyota Prius

If you have been considering getting a Toyota Prius now is the time. Toyota has announced a special edition for 2020 and here is what you need to know.

I often think that the first few people to see the Toyota Prius come off the ship must have wondered what in the world this strange looking car was all about. For some reason, I picture this scene in Jurassic Park, where they are loading the Raptor into the pen. I do not think anyone was prepared for what was in that cage.

The Toyota Prius is like Raptor off Jurassic Park

There is no doubt that Prius has completely changed the way we think about the automobile. Prius took off, ate the first competitor (Insight), and then proceeded to be on the hunt. Every other carmaker in the world took notice, and Prius became the name that is now synonymous with a hybrid.

20 years later. Any time I put a time reference, I think of certain scenes from movies or TV shows where the main character is shown in a future place in time. For better or worse, we get to peer into the life of that character and take note of what happened so many years ago that led to today.

With Prius, we are at that future date, 20 years later. There is some exciting news I will soon share with you on why this year is now the year of the Prius. Like a great movie or show, the suspense must be built to achieve the full effect of what is going on.

Without further delay, I present to you the 2020 Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Toyota Prius.

What Is The 2020 Limited Edition Toyota Prius?
The Limited Edition 2020 Prius is just that, a particular car to represent a special time in the history of the automotive world.

What Is Special About This Prius?
To commemorate a car that changed the world, Toyota has put together a special trim package for the world's favorite hybrid. Here is what we know about Limited Edition that should pique any Prius lovers' interest.

There will only be 2,020 Prius 2020 Editions. The limited number will allow making this Prius a rarity and, hopefully, become a collector's item in the coming years.

The distinctive Prius will be based on the XLE model. It has two brilliant color choices. Supersonic Red or Wind Chill Pearl is sure to tickle the fancy of any Prius enthusiast. The color-keyed rear spoiler and black exterior trim add a unique touch.

2021 Toyota Prius anniversary edition super sonic red black trim

17-inch alloy wheels with black inserts, add a different vibe to this Editon. You will also find blackout headlight components, trim B-pillars, and mirror housings.

2021 toyota prius anniversary edition supersonic red

What most excites me is the unique Prius 2020 Edition firsts. A "2020" badge key glove/fob and floor mats with a black shift knob and interior. The smoked-out A-pillar trim HVAC vents that make me feel as if I was stepping into a painting.

2021 Toyota Prius Smoked Vents anniversary editionThe fuel economy numbers are still impressive at 54 city MPG / 50 highway MPG / 52 combined MPG. Prius is known as a fuel miser, so nothing new here.

2021 Toyota Prius carbon fiber shift knob

With over 1.9 million Prius models sold in the United States since 2000, it is evident that Toyota was not a player in the game, they created it.

New Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 now has even better features for safety, which include: Pre-Collision System with Low-Light Pedestrian Detection, Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Bicyclist Detection, Lane Departure Alert, Automatic High Beams, Road Sign Assistance.

This list of safety features makes this Prius a borderline full autonomous vehicle.

I feel that buying a new car is a horrible financial decision. You lose 30% right out of the gate when you drive it off the lot. Yet, people still do it. I think for me, this Limited Edition 2020 Prius has got me thinking that I am going to throw caution to the wind.

I love the Supersonic red, the black wheels, and the overall gorgeous sculpture of the car. I have a meeting with a local dealer on Friday; we will see if I come home with something new.

Thank you all for reading. I hope this gets you excited to get out and enjoy your Prius or maybe buy a new one. Until next time, have a great day. Check out this story, Why The Plug-In Toyota Prius Is Lagging In EV Range.

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Paul M (not verified)    June 17, 2021 - 11:08PM

I bought one by accident. I liked the supersonic red with black rims. I literally didn't know there was a production run of only 2020 made till days later.

Too bad I'm a door dash driver. Bought on June 5th, already has 2400 miles as of June 17th.... estimated 50-60k before June 2022.

I came to thus article trying to figure out what percentage were made in red and what percentage in white. Are they 50/50 (1010 priduced of each)??

I've yet to find this info anywhere on the net.