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New Partnership Creates Massive Outlet For Hybrid Battery Repair

In the world of hybrid batteries, there are leaders and there are followers. Take a look at what these two companies are doing to help promote a cleaner world all in the name of Toyota Prius.

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History has shown us many great things that people do and how they are remembered. I can think of several very successful people who turned their garage into a sanctuary that created some of the technological empires we see today.

Here are two pioneers in the hybrid side of the automotive industry who are doing just that.

Who Are These Titans Of Industry?

This story holds true for two-hybrid enthusiasts that anything can be accomplished from a desire to change the world and do it from a garage.

Jack Chiou and Jeff Sloan started out as two very different people but have found common ground. To help further the work of a better future, they have decided to combine their efforts.

Dr. Prius App Logo

Jeff runs the globally recognized Hybrid Automotive hybrid battery repair equipment company. His mission is to help reduce waste from our hybrid cars by giving them another life.

Prolong Products by Hybrid Automotive

Jack is the developer and founder of the Dr. Prius app. He also has a similar dream. Seeing the air quality and its effect on his daughter, he set out to find a way to help contribute to making the world a more sustainable place.

Between them, both lies a common ground, the Toyota hybrid world. Hybrid cars have the destiny to help reduce pollution in many ways. Cleaner air through using fewer fossil fuels, well-built low-maintenance vehicles that use fewer petroleum products to keep them maintained, and helping their drivers learn better driving habits by thinking of getting the best MPG.

But what does Toyota have to do with these two?

How These Two Will Help Change The World?
If you have not read up on NexPower replacement batteries, I highly suggest you do! Jack spent the past 7 years learning how to keep a used Toyota Prius on the road and overcome one of the most expensive challenges most owners face: replacing the hybrid battery.

Jeff is the creator and inventor of the world-renowned Prolong Products. This revolutionary equipment has allowed ordinary hybrid owners to maintain their batteries rather than replacing them. Read more on that story here.

Prolong Hybrid battery repair equipment

Both Jeff and Jack are trailblazing the world of battery and vehicle recycling. The more we can leverage battery technology and our existing vehicles, the less raw material we need to pull from the earth. Thus creating a cleaner and more sustainable world.

The NexPower battery is a direct replacement for the NiMH modules that exist inside the case. They offer a better solution to aging NiMH technology and for a lot less money. NexPower has its limitation, though, and distribution is one of them, which is why Jeff and Jack are now announcing a global partnership between NexPower and Hybrid Automotive.

Nexcell power by NexPower project: Lithium

The partnership is designed to get more batteries distributed globally through the extensive network that Hybrid Automotive has established.

"We believe our partnership is the key to unlocking the hybrid vehicle potential. Better battery chemistry with better test equipment will keep more fuel efficiency and assist in keeping more aging hybrid vehicles on the road. Not everyone can afford an expensive EV – says Jack Chiou, developer of Dr. Prius App.

He has a daughter with Asthma with an allergy to emission fumes. Every Dr. Prius App download has helped an important mission in "Saving hybrid battery, one Prius at a time" become a reality. With the partnership from Hybrid Automotive, this mission can be carried out faster and more effectively."

"The outcome is a sustainable business model, and the beneficiary will be our children, our future. This will also greatly increase the ease of inaccessibility to the home users who simply want their hybrid vehicle to last longer, perform better without breaking the wallet."

These are powerful statements I gathered from the newly formed team seeking to help reduce the number of raw goods we as humans consume continually.

The partnership is a fantastic representation of how more companies should strive to reduce waste and reuse what we currently have.

I think this partnership between these companies is impressive. It reminds me of Jobs and Wozniak building Apple. The talent and expertise of both of these two industry professionals are astounding. The work they are doing is very noteworthy.

I hope that we can all support this effort and think about our future and what it holds for us as we age and our children that will inherit what we leave behind.

I have some questions for you, though. Things have changed. Are you ready? Are you open-minded?

What you have currently is not providing all that it can. Your lack of performance and fuel economy isn't in you; it's in evolution.

We grow. We adapt. We get strength.

Your current battery…. It just won't cut it.

It's time to evolve. Using State of the art technology and data to back it up, your new (battery) will be:

Stronger - Lithium sustains loads for longer, improving acceleration and performance.

Modern Tech - LiFePo is safe lithium technology, no gassing, no fire hazards, safe, reliable power.

Better Fuel Economy - Easily see increases in your miles per gallon. My 13-year-old Prius averages 50 mpg (which is better than when it was new).

What are you waiting for? It's better now than never.

To learn more about Hybrid Automotive and the fantastic products, they have to help keep your hybrid battery running at its peak, take a peek here.

For more information on the NexPower Lithium replacement modules for Toyota, hybrids check out their website here.

That is all for today, everyone. Remember Today's Adventure is Tomorrow's Story. I look forward to seeing you in the following article.

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Peter Neilson is an automotive consultant specializing in electric cars and hybrid battery technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Service Technology from Weber State University. Peter can be reached on Linkedin and you can tweet him at The_hybrid_guy on Twitter. Find his page on Facebook at Certified Auto Consulting. Read more of Peter's stories at Toyota news coverage on Torque News. Search Toyota Prius Torque News for more in depth Prius coverage from our reporter.

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