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Need A HV Battery For Your Toyota Prius? Green Bean Has Your Back

You know what I like better than an underdog story? A hero story. Here is how Green Bean, a huge company is taking care of their customers in the midst of hybrid battery failure.

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I have not yet once met a Prius owner thrilled to have a hybrid battery fail on them, other than myself, of course. As much as I enjoy repairing a broken down Prius, not all have the same skillset as me.

It is good to know that when the red triangle of death has struck, and your battery is on the fritz, there are better than reasonable solutions.

The worst part about getting a rebuild or reconditioned batter is that depending on where you get it from, the company could leave you stranded. Thank goodness there is a better way.

Green Bean Hybrid Batteries, The Better Than Good Solution
There are plenty of companies and individuals out there fighting for your business when it comes to replacing your hybrid battery.

Sometimes it can be hard trying to sort through all the competing voices, but Green Bean helps you tune it out and make a decision.

Green Bean Hybrid Batteries For Toyota Prius

Green Bean is a great option when needing to replace your hybrid battery. They offer a fast and friendly service and typically for a fraction of the cost.

The best part, though, is that this giant company could give a 1 or 2-year warranty, but they do not. Green Bean has a lifetime warranty on their products, and if I remember right, that warranty is transferrable, make sure you do it within the 7 days as stated on the website.

I think that a company like Green Bean offering a warranty like that says a lot about how well they take care of their customers. But do not take my word and check out what others say about their experience with Green Bean.

Green Bean Customer Testimonials
Ann, a Prius owner from Long Island New York, writes;

"My battery died, and my mechanic told me to chuck the car, a 2005 Toyota Prius with approximately 140000 miles on it, and despite the hybrid battery issue, the vehicle is in excellent mechanical order. He said it wasn't worth replacing, and he could sell it to a local car service for $1000, and they would be able to afford to put the battery in. I was distressed because I just can't afford a new or used car. Prices are just astronomical, and in Covid times, everyone is price gouging.

It's a good thing I didn't give up and researched the net and found the Green Bean Battery Company.

I called Green Bean, and the rep was patient and answered all my questions in detail and even sent the warranty over so I could review before committing to purchase.

It took me a week to make arrangements to get my car to a place where they could safely replace the battery, and once this happened, I called Green Bean, and they made arrangements for the next day at my requested time.

Trevor showed up on time. He drove three hours from Connecticut to Long Island, New York, and provided outstanding service.

Trevor replaced my battery in 45 minutes flat, answered my questions in the sweltering heat, and was just overall considerate and accurate in his work.

My car runs fantastic now. I'm so glad I did not listen to my mechanic and took a chance on this company and their fair pricing. I certainly would have been ripped off by the mechanic I have been using for the last six years. How sad that my local mechanic could not do what Green Bean did, and they did it well and honest pricing.

I hope to not have issues in the future, but I am pleased I have the warranty and look forward to continued excellent service from this company."

Green Bean Hybrid Batteries For Toyota Prius

Gary Kuhlmann, another Prius owner, shares his incredible experience;

"Not once, but twice now, Green Bean has saved my skin (which is to say, my "vintage" Prius and primary mode of transportation around town). The first time was a couple of years ago when the red triangle of death popped up on my 2007 Prius dashboard during my 90-minute evening commute home.

How horrifying. More horrifying--hearing my Toyota service agent tell me it would be a mere $4,000 to replace the hybrid battery. That or trade-in my then-11-year-old car on something new. "So many great new options," she told me. LOL. Green Bean came to the rescue almost literally within hours and for a fraction of the Toyota price. The installer (Tony) even installed the battery during a miserable February downpour.

The second time was just this week, for reasons I chalk up to the pandemic (and I'll let it go at that). Tony was my installer again, this time on a much more pleasant day weather-wise, a clear day in August. Tony even had to deal with an issue involving the 12V battery, but he figured everything out, and within an hour, I had what drove like a brand new Prius again.

The hybrid battery was under warranty--I paid nothing. I hope Green Bean continues to excel at offering an alternative to the ridiculous dealership options for keeping an old hybrid car alive."


These are only a couple of examples of the expert service that Green Bean is providing its customers. If I were to rate them on customer service alone, it would be a 5-star rating for being the hero to Prius owners all over the nation.

What is most remarkable about Green Bean is that they do not have to offer a lifetime warranty or let it transfer to the new owner, but they do. That is because they care about you as a customer and keeping your Prius running happily on the road for longer.

That is all for now; I hope everyone is enjoying their week. I will see you all in the next story.

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