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Corolla Hybrid Vs Toyota Prius The Miles Per Gallon Showdown

If you are having a hard time deciding what hybrid to buy, take a look at this comparison between Corolla Hybrid and the famed Toyota Prius.


The Toyota Corolla has been one of the most popular Toyota models in the line up since it was created. Now that the Corolla is has a hybrid version, it is giving the Prius a run for the money.

If you have been considering a new Toyota hybrid, take a look at the real-world fuel economy numbers that both models are giving consumers.

Toyota Prius Fuel Economy Over The Years
The chart which was provided by John Briggs gives us a fantastic overview of the Prius fuel economy over the years. It hits the target spot on with how the Prius fuel economy has become better over the years.

Toyota Prius Fuel Economy Standards Over Time Credit John Briggs

Toyota Prius is always a safe bet that you will get excellent fuel economy in a car that will not burn a hole in your pocketbook. I have a running log right now of what my newest Prius is costing me to drive after purchase, repair, and all things included. I will be sharing those results later on in another story.

If you have been considering Prius, chances are you will be delighted with the product. I know that all 4 of them that I have or have had are excellent cars. I have seen some common issues with everyone that I have had or do have currently, but they are easy repairs.

Toyota Corolla Fuel Economy Before And With Hybrid Option
Toyota Corolla. A staple in the Toyota line up that has a track record for proven durability. This car has been with Toyota for decades and has a cult following. It does not surprise me that Toyota decided to hybridize this car.

The thing is, does it make the Prius seem any less valuable? Take a look at another chart also provided by John Briggs showing how much more fuel-efficient the Corolla is now since it now a hybrid.

Toyota Corolla Fuel Economy Over Time

Surprisingly enough, the Corolla has not seen massive improvements in fuel economy over the past 20 years. With such small incremental improvements, the choice to go hybrid with Corolla was a safe bet. The increased fuel economy adds some incredible value to an already popular model of vehicle.

So which car is the better choice for you in the end? Well, ask yourself this question, are you buying new, or are you buying used? If you are buying new, do you want a hatch or a sedan to drive? Both Prius and Corolla will offer astounding fuel econ numbers and give you a car you will love.

If you are buying used, there are many things to consider. For instance, you cannot buy a Corolla hybrid in a 2009 model year, but you can get Prius. The difference in fuel economy is over 10 miles per gallon also. When it comes down to it, run the numbers, and see what works for you.

Both Prius and Corolla hybrid will give you a dependable service life. Fuel economy numbers are pretty on point with each other. Thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing you in the next story. Three Major Google Searches For Toyota Prius.

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