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Camp Comfortably In Your Toyota Hybrid With This Ultra Cool Device

If you are wanting to hit the road with your hybrid this summer and do some camping, gear up before you go. Take a look at what this company is doing to "power" your adventure.


If you are like me and love to take your Toyota hybrid everywhere, you will want to read this. I love going camping, and taking my Prius is part of the fun.

The hard part can sometimes be when you are in the middle of nowhere and need power. Sure there battery banks, and you can haul a generator with you, but what if you could utilize your Prius or other Toyota hybrid as that battery bank/generator?

Good thing there is a far better solution to those long campouts or extended stays. I want to give you my thoughts on the plug-out power system that takes your Toyota hybrid and turns it into an ultra-efficient gas generator and how you can score one at a great price right now.

What Is Plug-Out Power?
As their website states: "PlugOut kits are designed to support hybrid and plug-in vehicles for a variety of off-grid uses (AC or DC power out). PlugOut inverters can turn your electrified car into a highly efficient generator for the home, job site, camping, tailgating, or as a solar battery extender."

Plug out power inverter and transformer

Plug out power is a company that built a system to leverage your Toyota hybrid system. Two designs are available for purchase: a 3kW system and the larger is a 5kW system.

Both systems work similarly though one has a greater kW output. The system's installation is easy, and it is removable if you want to haul something else around in your hybrid.

What Makes Plug-Out Power Different?
For starters, the pure sine wave output from the Plug out power unit does not have load "groans," which can lead to power surges that damage electronics. It is clean power that you can rely on where ever you are.

Are you without power, and your battery bank died? Recharge it and power a plethora of other items with your Prius or other hybrids. But wait, it gets even more remarkable when you look at the inverter Plug-Out Power uses.

2004 Toyota Prius Green

Have solar? Not a problem for the Plug-Out Power inverter that also doubles as a solar battery extender. If the sun is not out, your solar will not do you much good. Not to worry though, if you have the PoP system, it can help you weather the storm.

Plug-Out Power has a variety of uses without all the headache of hauling around a less-efficient generator.

What Can I Use Plug-Out Power For?
I started this article referencing camping in your hybrid with the Plug-out power system. That is one of many things you can do with it.

After taking my system with me on a couple of overnight stays in the boondocks, I cannot live without it. I can run a hot plate or three, lights, a heater, or A/C if needed, all from the same unit and most of it simultaneously (depending on your system).

If you can think of a way to need portable power, Plug-Out Power can help you harness your hybrid and utilize it for maximum comfort.

The owner of Plug-Out Power let me know that all systems are on sale right now. I have personally looked into other inverter systems that hook into your 12v battery, but they are very limited.

With this system, you could power major appliances if there was a power outage at your house; that was the selling point for me. All the other cool things you can do with it are now just a bonus.

Do yourself a favor and at least check out what PLug out power has to offer. I am certainly pleased with my system. I can take it out when not in use, and it hooks in ultra-easy when you need it.

That is all for today. When you are out camping in your Prius or other hybrids with your new Plug-Out Power system, keep in mind Today's Adventures are Tomorrow's Stories.

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