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All New Sequoia Hybrid: An SUV Worth Driving

Toyota may not have the best of everything but they did get some things right. I want the new Sequoia, and here is why.

Toyota is completely revamping every vehicle they have for sale. Everything will eventually have a hybrid option. Toyota has also followed suit with other vehicle manufacturers and downsized its engines with an added turbo or two.

This new powertrain coupled to a 10-speed automatic transmission may seem like the bees-knees, and on paper, it certainly is. Toyota is now experiencing Turbo failure on the new Tundra, which leads me to believe Sequoia may suffer a similar fate.

I am not here to talk anymore about the Tundra turbo, though. As stated, I will speak of the Sequoia and why I want one, regardless of potential setbacks. As promised, my thoughts on why I like the new Toyota Sequoia.

All New - All Good
Toyota certainly has done several things right. They have listened to what consumers want and finally delivered on those promises.

An SUV is more than just a family hauler these days. It is a veritable workhorse designed to captivate everyone on board. The driver has the pleasure of being connected to either Apple Car Play or Android Auto, all while wirelessly charging the latest smartphone.

There are a plethora of other sweet features, from 120V outlets to TRD tuned FOX suspension (available on specific models) and all the options in between. Luxury and family versatility means that going out on the town for a much-needed date night is not out of the realm of possibilities for Sequoia.

The amenities are certainly something to rave about. However, the hybrid option (similar to the Tundra) is perhaps my favorite feature. I have spent far too long driving small vehicles because the fuel economy of larger vehicles was terrible.

The new Sequoia with the hybrid powertrain takes the sting off the immersive needle, also known as a fuel pump. While the vehicle is still thirsty with a whopping 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of torque, 24 MPG (estimated based on Tundra ratings) highway for a car like that is pretty darn good.

The Sequoia is not perfect, though I love the color options. I am terrified about the turbo failure; however, Toyota does know how to make it right with their customers. As the most significant automaker globally, they know what to do in an emergency.

I cannot wait to drive one; I want one because this is a vehicle that finally blends everything I need in a family car. Horsepower, room, luxury, and it is a Toyota. I am confident that once these Texas-based SUVs start rolling off the line, I will be flying down in to watch mine come off the assembly line.

I know that I have given Toyota a hard time about the Tundra failure, but that should not overlook what a masterpiece that truck and this SUV have shaped up to be. Hybrids have changed everything we know about driving, and I am glad we have one company that knows how to deliver in that area.

That is all for today. Thank you for reading, and remember, today's adventures are tomorrow's stories.

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Image source: Courtesy of Toyota Pressroom

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