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You Will Like These 2021 Toyota Corolla Updates

Twelfth-generation Toyota Corolla has a couple valuable updates people have been asking for. See what they are.

This is the time of year when new model years start coming out. Every auto manufacturer either redesigns, refreshes or keeps their models the same from year to year.

This is no exception with the 2021 Toyota Corolla.

2021 Corolla Updates

2020 Toyota Corolla SE Celestite Color profile view front end 2021 Toyota Corolla Changes

Toyota Corolla is the best-selling sedan of all time. For over half a century, Corolla has proven reliable and trustworthy for its owners all over the world. It was completely redesigned and badged as 12th-generation 2020 Corolla a year ago.

Since it was just overhauled a year ago, there was no real need to make major changes for the 2021 model year.

However, there was one important application that potential and current owners have been asking for with regularity. They have been rewarded for their petitioning with Android Auto.

2021 Toyota Corolla specs show Android Auto will join Apple CarPlay in helping drivers with their navigation, music selection, phone call and texting functions. The goal here is to offer convenience and entertainment with as little distraction as possible.

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On a side but similar note, I have Apple CarPlay for my 2018 Camry and I use it every day and love it.

The 2020 Camry has Android Auto. But, for those 2020 Corolla owners, I would not plan on Toyota offering a retrofit Android Auto update. Toyota created this option once before with Apple CarPlay for 2018 Camry and Sienna owners. It was pretty much a one-time thing.

2021 Corolla rear cross-traffic alert

2020 Toyota Corolla SE interior gray interior ash interior

One more important coming attraction.

On most Toyota models, blind spot monitor is linked with rear cross-traffic alert safety systems. This was not the case with 2020 Corolla when it was redesigned.

Look for the addition of rear cross-traffic alert with blind spot monitor for 2021 Toyota Corolla. You may find it optionally as part of the LE Convenience Package. You can also find it standard on XLE trim level.

VIDEO: Demo of rear cross-traffic alert to show how it can help prevent accidents.

Rear cross-traffic alert works in combination with your backup camera to alert you when cars or people are either behind you or approaching from either side.

This has helped me out numerous times when backing up.

2021 Toyota Corolla Price

Expect a modest jump in price between 2020 Corolla and 2021 Corolla.

For example, the factory MSRP for a 2020 Corolla LE is $20,050 while 2021 is $20,275. The 2020 Corolla SE starts at $22,050 and 2021 Corolla SE begins at $22,275.

Time for your thoughts on 2021 Corolla

I will write about a 2021 Toyota Corolla review when it comes out later this month. For now, I am looking forward to owners getting what they have asked for with Android Auto.

Rear cross-traffic alert is a bonus that people may not think they want – but they do need it.

What do you think? Are you in the market for a small sedan and is Corolla on your list? What trim levels are you considering?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I discuss color choices for 2021 Toyota TRD Pro.

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Mike Hernandez (not verified)    August 9, 2020 - 12:34PM

that doesn't sit too well with Toyota Corolla 2020 buyers for us I was promised on my invoice that Android auto and Sirius radio would be a feature. they added the Sirius radio on but as for Android auto I'm still waiting 19 months into it so basically I was sold a promise that never came through

wow so blatantly effed up. 2020 Corolla States very clearly about the features that come with the car that should be absolutely the civil class action lawsuit

Mike Cane (not verified)    December 4, 2020 - 1:50PM

In reply to by Mike Hernandez (not verified)

Same here. A huge amount of people who purchased the 2020 Corolla was promised AndroidAuto as soon as it came out (labeled on invoice)

I myself as well. So far nothing, SiriusXM was added on. They will have HIGE problems on their hands if they dont come through, This day and age, technology literally can shift buyers to different vehicles. Android Auto was a final decision factor for me (after the other stuff)

They should have by now dealt with this.