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Top 3 Things to Love About the 2019 Toyota Camry

Toyota’s best-selling sedan Camry serves up a few new surprises for 2019.


Toyota Camry is America’s best-selling sedan and has been for the last 16 straight years. Camry’s 8th generation 2018 entry thrilled buyers with a nearly 100% complete redesign. So now take this already-popular sedan and sprinkle in a few additions for this year. Here’s why you should be excited about the 2019 models.

Improved Performance and Handling - Fun-to-Drive

When Toyota started redesigning its 2018 Camry, it went to work on improving power, performance and handling. With the introduction of its new 2.5 liter dynamic force 4-cylinder engine, Camry felt a nice boost in horsepower to 203hp (206hp on the XSE trim) from 178hp the prior year.

Also, the 3.5 liter V6 option saw a huge increase, up from 268hp in 2017 to 301hp last year, giving drivers that extra kick they crave.

Whether you choose the better fuel efficiency of the 4-cylinder or go for the adrenaline rush of the V6, 2019 Toyota Camry has got you covered.

Improved handing and ride comfort is the name of the game with Camry’s new rear multi-link suspension. Now you have the best of both worlds – a smooth, quiet ride when driving on straighter paths, and precise solid handling along winding curves.

Technology! Technology! Technology!

In addition to the wealth of technological improvements in the 2018 Camry, the 2019 model offers a few new surprises. Now standard on every trim level is Apple CarPlay. Now you can take advantage of your most useful phone apps on your Camry’s multimedia screen. Easily play your music, make and receive calls and send text messages. And talk about navigation options – with CarPlay you can pick from iPhone Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and even Scout GPS. Isn’t it Paul Simon who sings, “50 Waze to Get Directions”?

Also, 2019 rings in the ability to use Amazon Alexa commands in your Camry. It’s nice to have this feature, although many people haven’t learned quite how to best utilize it. The important thing to know is with Alexa commands in your 2019 Camry, you can give it virtually any command you could give an at-home Alexa device (well, except for banking and financial information…and adjusting radio volume).

Drivers can also capitalize on “standard-on-all-trim-levels” Wi-Fi Connect and Safety Connect. Wi-Fi connect is great for setting up hotspots in your car while driving virtually anywhere. This is available through Verizon. With Safety Connect, drivers have peace of mind that they can receive help if they’re in an accident where the airbags deploy, if they need roadside assistance, and if their vehicle is stolen and needs to be tracked.

What’s next for 2020 Camry? Can you imagine Android Auto anyone? We can only hope!

Lots of Trim Levels for Camry – Lots of Choices!
Exciting times are with us when picking out your 2019 Camry, as you have 7 gasoline trim levels and 3 Hybrids to choose from.

Toyota gives the us L model as its entry trim level. Choose this one as a great budget midsize sedan if you want great gas mileage, and don’t mind not having a power driver’s seat. LE is a great value for luxury, and you can even upgrade this trim with optional blind spot monitor, moonroof, convenience package (smart key push button) and upgraded audio package with CD and wireless charging. LE’s sporty alternative is the SE, and it’s known for softex-lined seating, rear spoiler and sporty alloy wheels.

If you want upgraded versions of the LE and SE, you can go for the XLE and XSE. These have heated leather seats, blind spot monitors, 18” and 19” alloy wheels and lots of classy/sporty extras.

With the larger V6 engine, drivers can select the XLE V6 and XSE V6. In the Hybrids, you get a wide spectrum of choices with the LE, SE and XLE Hybrids.

Bonus Favorite

I am a huge fan of red Camrys, and now you can decide between Ruby Flare Pearl and the all-new-for-2019 Supersonic Red in the SE and XSE.

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These are the things I am most excited about 2019 Camry. What features do you like most with the Camry? Write in the comments below.


Adan (not verified)    November 30, 2018 - 8:34PM

Honestly, I love all Toyotas, I used to sell them. I had a coworker with a 97 Camry with 370k miles it still ran like it was new. I'm thinking of acquiring a Toyota Previa and restoring it.

Myron (not verified)    November 30, 2018 - 8:46PM

An AWD option and bring back the DLX model as a one-step model above the L. As a second affordable option for those buyers on a budget.

Steve (not verified)    May 17, 2020 - 10:20PM

My 2019 Camry Hybrid LE is running great at 20K miles, and getting a solid 55 mpg in mixed driving. The 2.5L dynamic force engine can get this performance with natural aspiration (rather than using a smaller displacement engine with a turbo boost like many other manufacturers use). The fact that this same engine gets over 200 hp on its own (without hybrid boost) in the regular (non-hybrid) Camry, but is tuned for just 170 hp in the hybrid, with the difference being made up by the electric motor, means that the engine is truly operating in its most efficient rpm band in the hybrid configuration, and further, it is relieved of needing to be tuned for low-end grunt by the presence of the constant torque electric motor. Therefore this engine should last an exceedingly long time in the hybrid configuration. (It also doesn't hurt that the dynamic force 2.5L engine achieves a world-record 41% thermal efficiency for a mass produced gasoline engine!) Optimum rpm band operation, no need for low-end grunt work, and a super-high thermal efficiency should mean that I will be driving this car for an exceedingly long time!