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Shocker: New 2021 Toyota Sienna Color Already Turning Heads

A familiar color makes its return to 2021 Sienna. Wait until you see how it changes in different lighting.

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The Sienna is back. Oh wait, it has already been here for many years.

But what I mean is that Toyota Sienna is all-new and completely redesigned for 2021. Complete with plenty of new technology, safety, and sleek and modern styling. Plus 36 miles per gallon.

And let us not forget new colors.

2021 Toyota Sienna LE Sunset Bronza Mica profile driver side front end

One of these new hues is called Sunset Bronza Mica. You may have seen it around the Toyota block in years past on Toyota Venza and Toyota Tundra.

Sunset Bronze has returned with a splash. My included video will show you how this shade presents itself in different amounts of sunlight. It really pops in the sun.

So, what do people think of it so far?

People comment on Toyota Sienna Sunset Bronze

I recently filmed a video for my “Toyotajeff” YouTube channel highlighting Sunset Bronze, along with showing key features of 2021 Toyota Sienna LE.

It was interesting to see some of the reactions my viewers had.

“Way to take a chance Toyota. Loving it already!” Commented Amy.

Feel the Burn said. “They need this color for the new Camry.”

“Hi Jeff, I really like the Sunset Bronze Mica, but I cannot find this Sienna color in any of the Toyota Dealership here in Las Vegas. How can I get that color?” Asked armanutuyb2.

2021 Toyota Sienna LE Sunset Bronza Mica profile passenger side front end

Gian was 100 percent positive on a special color for next year. “Confirmed! The next TRD PRO exclusive color.”

“Nice color Jeff! I love it!” Exclaimed Brian.

And, of course, there were others who were not as keen on Sunset Bronze.

HenryHonda (one of my favorite people who follow my channel) had this to say. “I’m in the ‘it’s not for me camp’. I would walk by it and not take a second look but that’s my taste only. Bless you if you like it.”

“Sorry, but this color and the green are both ugly as sin.” Added rollingrecliner.

Different strokes. Different folks.

And then there is this one.

“The pumpkin spice minivans are here!” was my favorite comment. Nice going Tacoma98.

2021 Toyota Sienna colors

2021 Toyota Sienna LE Sunset Bronza Mica profile driver side front end

Including Sunset Bronze, you can expect to find nine color choices for the 2021 Sienna.

Look for Blizzard Pearl, Blueprint, Celestial Silver Metallic, Cypress (green), Midnight Black Metallic, Predawn Gray Mica, Ruby Flare Pearl and Super White.

On a side note, what an interesting job it must be to select the final paint colors for specific vehicles. You not only have to pick the final colors, but it must be done years in advance for some models.

Imagine trying to figure out what the buying public will be into two or three or five years before something even comes out.

Wild stuff folks.

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Time for your thoughts on 2021 Toyota Sienna

What do you think so far of the all-new 2021 Sienna? Have you seen and driven one in person yet?

2021 Toyota Sienna LE Sunset Bronza Mica profile driver side front end

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more common each year. Your favorite one may already have, or will soon have, a hybrid or alternative fuel option. Are you on board with buying a hybrid or are you not feeling it so much, and why?

Could 2022 Tundra be next? What about 4Runner?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I reveal what owners get for mpg in their RAV4 Hybrids.

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