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People Share their Wild 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Buying Stories

Crazy stories about buyers looking for new 2024 Grand Highlander.

The Toyota Grand Highlander is one of my favorite new vehicles to cover, whether here at Torque News / Toyota News or on my “ToyotaJeff Reviews” YouTube channel.

I have found so many things to like about it – more passenger and cargo space than the traditional Highlander, pricing that is surprisingly reasonable, plenty of technology and cool features, three different powertrain choices, seven color options, and it is comfortable and fun to drive.

2024 Grand Highlander Release Date

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Platinum Storm Cloud

Grand Highlander was revealed in February, and the first shipments have already reached many dealerships for retail sale.

This initial wave of new vehicle excitement has prompted a frenzy of excited shoppers to dig in and search for their ideal Toyota Grand Highlander.

Some have had luck right away, while others are still researching specifications and dealers to find the right match.

People Share 2024 Grand Highlander Stories

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Blueprint

I am a member of the Facebook forum “2024 Toyota Grand Highlander”, and if you like Grand Highlander, you should consider joining as well. This is a tremendous resource, including 6,000 members all interested in the same vehicle.

It is interesting sharing these “I am looking to buy a Grand Highlander” anecdotes from forum participants, as they are pretty wild.

Every dealership across the country is different – some have a good supply of the Grand Highlander, while others have none. Many are charging right at list MSRP, and there are also many who are pricing these at sometimes much higher amounts.

(I am not listing specific dealer names in my story, as that is not the right thing to do).

Sarah shared her findings. “Found the exact Grand Highlander I wanted in Virginia and the dealer put an $11,000 markup on it. Hard pass. I'll wait.”

Katie added. “I’m in no hurry to buy the GH but it is definitely my next car. Reached out to (ABC dealer in Florida), they mark them up $12-$15k…. I just want a base gas engine as well.”

From an anonymous forum member. “Hi there, I'm based in CA and I want to say almost all dealers are charging a markup of $5,000.00. I called into (another dealer) and they stated $15k markup lol.”


“So I located a GH with everything I want at MSRP but it is out of state and the dealer is not willing to assist with organizing shipping.” Added David. That is a good point, David. Some out-of-state dealers are willing to arrange logistical transport back to your state, but others ask buyers to arrange that part on their own. Every dealer has different procedures. It is important to find this out up front.

More Toyota Grand Highlander Stories

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Coastal Cream

Mia is looking for assistance in the group. “Any leads on GH Limited Hybrid (not MAX) in the Chicagoland area at MSRP? Running into lots of markups. Willing to drive!

“I checked with two dealers in Alabama. I know that one is marking up just the hybrids by $5000, but might work with you if you’re local.” Said Christine.

“Looking for a hybrid max in Dallas or surrounding! One dealer quoted us 20k over msrp.” Declared Laura.

Michael responded. “We just got our GH on Friday after waiting over 7 months on the Highlander Hybrid waitlist. Glad we weren't able to get a Highlander or we would have missed out on GH. Much more roomy and just an overall nicer vehicle for only a few grand more. Would be worth the wait, as long as it'll fit in your garage.”

“Yeah, I am in SE Wisconsin and running into the same issue in our area and beyond. Lots of gas & Max’s out there. Not much-limited hybrids. I think our wait will be long.” Added a hopeful Darin.

Video: Proof a 6’5” person can fit in Grand Highlander 3rd row.

Time for Your 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Comments

How has your experience been looking for a 2024 Grand Highlander?

Do you want the XLE, Limited, or Platinum? And do you want the gasoline-only, the hybrid, or Hybrid Max powertrain?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

Jeff Teague - I have been involved in the auto industry for just about 20 years. I enjoy learning and sharing the most up-to-date news and information.

My other talent is creating informative and entertaining automotive videos. I’ve been building and growing my Toyota YouTube channel “ToyotaJeff Reviews” for the last 8 years. I take pride in delivering informative automotive news, how-to information, and reviews.

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Pavel Marchuk (not verified)    July 10, 2023 - 12:31PM

I'm a car hauler, and recently had a load of 9 brand new toyotas that I was delivering to two dealerships, about 10 miles apart from each other. On this load, there were two grand highlanders (my first grand highlanders), one to each dealership, which were just allocated to the dealerships the day before my delivery. The rest of the vehicles on the load (tacomas, rav4s, etc) were already sold both dealerships said when I got there. Only the Grand Highlanders were not sold. I asked the dealerships how much markup they were going to add to them. One said somewhere around $4500 while the second one said they don't add markup but will sell right at msrp.

Rishi Narang (not verified)    July 13, 2023 - 1:10PM

You can get a toyota grand highlander from Costco at MSRP with no markup. They should look there for a car, as I've heard its fairly reliable. Also we are waiting on information for the Lexus TX550h+. Any info on when that will be released?

VonnieVA (not verified)    August 7, 2023 - 3:26AM

There are Grand Highlanders coming in for the Richmond VA market and sold usually at list price, no markups. Also a few are on the lots for sale. I was surprised one rural dealership even had a $2000 below MSRP price listed. I'm getting one this month at MSRP.