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Owners Report “Real World” Toyota RAV4 Prime Electric Range – Wow

How far Toyota RAV4 Prime owners can actually make it in all-electric. It may surprise you.

RAV4 Prime is one the most intriguing models in the entire Toyota lineup. Both for styling and performance.

2022 RAV4 Prime Specs
2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Premium Package Supersonic Red charging

Imagine a Toyota RAV4 model that is not only the most powerful RAV4 to-date, but also the fastest and most fuel efficient as well.

Drivers can expect 302 horsepower and a 0-60 time under six seconds.

Fuel efficiency is rated by combining both gasoline-powered and electric-powered sources (MPGe). RAV4 Prime is rated at 94MPGe, which is more than double the fuel efficiency of RAV4 Hybrid.

It can also travel up to 42 miles on one single electric charge. No gasoline at all. Well, at least that 42 miles number is what is posted on the RAV4 Prime window sticker.

But what do owners really get?

Owners Comment on Toyota RAV4 Prime
Toyota RAV4 Prime window sticker

Members of the Facebook forum “Toyota RAV4 Prime & RAV4 Plug-In Owners Club” were asked for their “real world driving impressions” regarding electric range.

I found their answers fascinating.

Ed said. “The prime is awesome. FYI... I have been getting 49 to 51 on the EV portion, not bad at all. The last time I filled up was two months ago and I still have more than 7/8 a tank. I have the engine operate once a week since I charge the prime only 6 days a week. All I can say, the rav4 prime is fast.”

“My XSE R4P always charges to 51 miles of EV, sometimes 52.” Commented Frank.

Elbarto added. “I bought the prime se 2 months ago and get 50 miles electric on a full charge. Traded a 19 Adventure model for it. Paid regular price with no markup. So far so good.”

“Mine says 42 miles EV and the car is powerful n fast! Best car I ever had!” Remarked Ed.

David observed. “I'm getting about 46 with AC, and 50 without. I've had it about a month. It has about 500 miles on it. Daily driver.”


“Mine says 48 on a full charge without AC, 46 with. Car has over 1300 miles because I did 3 long distance drives but plan on only doing short commutes for a while.” Thanks for your thoughts, Francine.

Neal has gotten a crazy electric driving range. “My EV range usually shows between 47-50 depending on the outside temp. My best range I’ve gotten on a single charge is 61 miles, but I have done in the 50’s on a couple of other occasions. Really fun car to drive, it’s so smooth.”

Becca is thrilled with her RAV4 Prime. “Maybe because I do primarily highway driving to and from work, my ev range seems to be 39 when I charge, but I haven’t tested how many actual miles I’m getting. Loving it!!!!!”

“Last night was the first time I fully charged it. It said 38 EV miles (32 EV miles with AC). In one trip I got 43.8 EV miles with AC with 2 very steep hills. So I’m pretty happy.” Said Myra.

New for 2023 RAV4 Prime

So, these owner impressions cover Toyota RAV4 Prime through the 2022 model year. What about for 2023 RAV4 Prime? Anything new?

Since both RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid will carry the all-new Toyota Audio Multimedia system, I would expect RAV4 Prime to follow suit as well for 2023.

We should be getting some sort of official Toyota announcement on this within the next couple months.

Time for Your Toyota RAV4 Comments

Clearly a vehicle’s electric range can be based on many factors, including temperature, location and terrain, and a person’s individual driving style.

Do you own a RAV4 Prime, and if so, what type of mileage are you getting (both for all-electric driving range and for overall MPGe)?

Would you recommend RAV4 Prime to other people?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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