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Not all 2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Trucks Have Power Driver’s Seat and Here’s Why

Truck fans are looking forward to all the changes coming to the 2020 Toyota Tacoma. One promised feature is not on every model, though. We give you the scoop and tell you why.

America’s best-selling midsize truck has added many safety, technology and styling features that will surely lead to even higher sales this upcoming year. The 2020 Tacoma is rolling into dealership lots beginning this month and will most certainly attract a lot of attention. Especially with the TRD Pro in Army Green.

I thought I had done my thorough research and knew all the additions and upgrades to tell you about. However, when I saw the first 2020 Tacoma on a dealership lot 2 days ago, an SR5 to be specific, all it took was a quick once-over for me to realize I still have a lot to learn.

The power driver’s seat is not on all 2020 Tacoma trucks

One of the key selling points heading into the release of 2020 Toyota Tacoma was the addition of a 10-way power driver’s seat standard in all trim levels SR5 and above. This is fantastic news, as now drivers of all sizes and heights will be able to get comfortable based on their proportions.

It was funny, as I watched this specific 2020 Tacoma back off the transport truck. The driver told me he was looking forward to this year’s refreshed Tacoma, and it was for this same reason. “I’m not the tallest guy, so I really need the power seat. I’m getting a 2020 because of this.” He said happily.

2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Interior black seats

I checked this 2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 out, and as soon as I opened the driver door, I realized something was off. It did not have a power driver’s seat. This might sound silly, but I was so sure that I was right about this “SR5 and above” feature that I even looked at the window sticker just to make sure I wasn’t looking at a 2019 truck by mistake. Nope. It was a 2020 Tacoma.

Time for me to do more research.

Look for the V6 2020 Tacoma

Here it is. I finally figured it out. The power driver’s seat definitely is standard on the SR5, but it is only standard on the V6 engine Tacoma trucks that are SR5 trim level and above.

This may seem like a big build-up to a simple answer, but I wanted to make sure everyone shopping for a new Tacoma gets the features they want. The power driver’s seat was important to many people, so there you go.

Other features coming to the 2020 Tacoma

Standard features that truck enthusiasts will be happy about are standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with Amazon Alexa commands. Also, all 2020 Toyota Tacoma trucks will have larger multimedia touch screens. The SR model has a 7” screen while SR5 and above will have 8” to see their information.

2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Multimedia Touch Screen

Most trim levels will also feature new front grilles and taillight designs, as well as new wheels.

This SR5 is a very popular trim level and I do think people will enjoy the new features. What do you think of the new 2020 Tacoma SR5? What trim level of the 2020 Tacoma will you have your eye on?

Compare the 2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4-cylinder versus the 2019 in my video review

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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Steve (not verified)    September 29, 2019 - 2:50PM

Which seat provides the greatest legroom, power or manual? Many times, power seats don't offer as much legroom as manual seats. Thanks.