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Next-Gen Toyota GR Camry: Go Big or Go Home?

The next generation Toyota Camry is coming. Could we see the newest GR family member too?


The sedan market is alive and kicking in the Toyota world. And there appears to be no signs of slowing down.

In a time when many automakers are consolidating or completely scrapping their sedan lineups, Toyota is making plans to build and grow (think Toyota Crown).

Including Toyota Camry.

Let’s start with 2023 Camry first.

2023 Toyota Camry
2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE Nightshade Reservoir Blue back end profile

For the new model year, look for a reimagined 2023 Camry Nightshade fleet (SE FWD, SE AWD, SE Nightshade Hybrid) and a sinister looking 2023 Camry TRD in new Underground color.

One huge feature that was curiously left off for 2023, though, was the new Toyota Audio Multimedia system. Many popular Toyota models are switching to this modern and powerful new audio system – but not Camry.

This makes me think that I have not been thinking of the big enough picture. That maybe we will see next generation Toyota Camry in two years. Or perhaps just one.

Next-Gen Toyota Camry

Toyota fans and enthusiasts love the Camry, but they are getting that “spidey sense tingling feeling” that it is time to see what comes next. This 8th generation Camry has been around since 2018, so it makes sense to think short-term time frame for the 9th generation.

Maybe 2024 Camry?

And what better way to do it than to offer that “big splash” headline grabber – a GR Camry.

Could it happen? Would Toyota do the unthinkable? Maybe it isn’t that challenging to think about at all. Actually, it would make complete sense.

Toyota GR Camry

To me, a GR Camry would be the ideal marriage between the Gazoo Racing lineup and the best-selling midsize sedan in the country (for the last two decades).

For a vehicle to join the GR team, it would have to “earn the GR badge.” Has Toyota Camry done this already? No. This is the shortest, the simplest, and the best answer.

VIDEO: Exclusive 1st pictures of 2023 Camry TRD - Underground

The closest Camry has come thus far is with Camry TRD. Offering 301 horsepower and 267 lb.-ft. torque with its 3.5-liter V6 engine. TRD track-tuned suspension. Wild wing spoiler. TRD cat-back exhaust. Cool new red and black interior seats and accents.

But is it Toyota GR Camry worthy? I would say not yet.

Clearly more needs to be done first. Maybe it is already being talked about. Worked on. Tested.

My hunch is that GR Camry is coming. And it would become and instant hit with buyers.

Time for Your Toyota Camry Comments

In my opinion, a Toyota GR Camry is absolutely something that needs to happen. And soon. This would be what I would consider “the perfect marriage.”

Would you like to see a GR Camry, and would that interest you enough to buy one?

Also, what are you hoping to see for the next-gen Toyota Camry?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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David Volz (not verified)    September 6, 2022 - 10:30AM

Cant wait too see what they do. Maybe the Tundra motor. 437 hp. Meanwhile may pull trigger on Elantra N. If that turns to be a pile, timing will be perfect for a return to Camry with the GR

Glenn Hooper (not verified)    September 25, 2022 - 8:43PM

I Have a 2018. Prius Prime ! ( LOVE IT ) We are buying. a New Car in 2024 ! Want a Camry Hybrid Plug in like our Prius ! Rumour 60 miles on electric instead of 32 on the Prius ! Love the New style if it's real !We are keeping our Prime ! Fantastic Car !

Paul S (not verified)    September 30, 2022 - 5:51PM

In reply to by Glenn Hooper (not verified)

Agree regarding a Camry PHEV.
Currently have a 2018 Camry Hybrid and a RAV4 Prime. I was looking at trading my 13 yo Prius for a Prius Prime but needed more space. A Camry Prime would fit the bill. The RAV4 Prime is great but not as good as the camry for long (3 to 5,000+ mile) road trips. The camry is better in fuel consumption and handling at speed and in windy conditions. We have solar so PHEV is ideal for local (~500 miles per gallon (with the free electric factored in) or more typically in our situation).