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Next-Gen NASCAR 2022 Toyota Camry Revealed, But Will We See Retail Next-Gen 2022 Camry Too?

Toyota’s next-gen NASCAR TRD Camry looks just like the production Toyota Camry TRD. Will we see a redesign for retail this year too?


It seems Toyota Camry is continually in a state of evolution. Although it was redesigned for 2018 model year, we have seen many changes and updates in the last year.

For 2021 we have the new Camry XSE Hybrid. Also, new front end and wheel refreshes for most trims. Plus, Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ makes driving a little safer than before.

I really like Blueprint and Ice Edge additions to the color lineup, too. And the larger multimedia screens up to 9 inches are a nice bonus. Everyone likes new colors and technology.

That brings us to 2022 Toyota Camry.

2022 Toyota Camry NASCAR

2022 Toyota Camry NASCAR front end profile view

I have heard a few different NASCAR slogans comparing what we see on the track versus what we drive at home.

“Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” is one. “Race on Sunday, Drive on Monday” is another way to put it.

2022 Toyota Camry NASCAR profile view

The point is NASCAR is about taking what we drive on the roads and putting it to the test on the track. The two should be very similar. At least in theory.

For 2022 Toyota Camry this has perhaps never been truer.

2022 Toyota Camry NASCAR back end profile view

Toyota unveiled its next-gen NASCAR Cup car this week, and it is patterned after the 2021 Camry TRD we see on the roads now.

2021 Toyota Camry TRD Wind Chill Pearl 2022 Toyota Camry NASCAR front end profile view

In fact, Toyota’s NASCAR TRD Camry is remarkably similar to 2021 Camry TRD.

The grilles are similar. Rear spoilers are similar. Body style is similar.

Crazy similar.

Toyota and Toyota Racing Development (TRD) worked together “to ensure as many body styling characteristics as possible are incorporated into the Toyota TRD Camry Next Gen so it resembles its production counterpart as closely as possible,” according to Toyota Pressroom website.

2021 Toyota Camry TRD Wind Chill Pearl 2022 Toyota Camry NASCAR back end profile view

I wrote a Torque News story this week stating the recent Toyota teaser photo posted on social media confused and excited fans so much that they thought we would be hearing about the production, or retail, next-gen 2022 Camry.

The question is still out there. Still floating around.

Will we see a 2022 next-gen Toyota Camry?

2022 Toyota Camry redesign

2021 Toyota Camry TRD Wind Chill Pearl 2022 Toyota Camry NASCAR front end profile view

That is a completely fair question.

The question on a lot of minds these days is what Toyota models will be refreshed, what will be completely redesigned, and what will remain the same.

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Even though I do not know for sure when Toyota Camry will be redesigned, I have a sneaky hunch it will not be for the 2022 model year.

Especially since 2022 Camry is planned for retail sale by the end of this Summer. We would have heard rumblings and rumors by now of a ninth generation Camry.

I would expect we may see next-gen Toyota Camry for 2023 model year.

You will get reports and updates from me here on Torque News / Toyota News and on my “Toyotajeff” YouTube channel as they come.

Time for your Toyota Camry comments

Thanks for reading everyone.

What do you think of the new NASCAR Toyota car? I absolutely love it. How about you?

Also, when we do see a next-gen Toyota Camry, are there any features you would like to see added that are not currently available for Camry?

Would you like to see the next body style sportier, more conservative, or more luxurious?

See you next story when I talk about the growing impatience from Tundra fans over lack of info on next-gen 2022.

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