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My Wild Off-Road Drive (with Video) in 2022 Tacoma and 4Runner Demonstrates Off-Roading Tools

Video shows how to use locking rear differential and multi-terrain select in a 2022 Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner.

It is one thing to know what automobile off-roading systems do. But it is another completely different experience to actually try them for yourself on the trails.

I now know this for myself firsthand. What a memorable weekend I had driving wild trails in two off-roading beasts.

With a Toyota Tacoma and Toyota 4Runner.

2022 Toyota Tacoma

My group of friends recently attended the Destination Outdoor event in the northern mountains of Georgia. This is an annual festival meet-up of off-roading fans and adventurists.

Our caravan consisted of 2022 Tacoma TRD Pro in Electric Lime Metallic, 2022 4Runner TRD Pro in Lime Rush, 2021 Tacoma TRD Pro in Lunar Rock, 2021 4Runner TRD Pro in Lunar Rock.

Yes, we also had a new 2022 Tacoma Trail Edition, along with a couple Tacoma TRD Off-Road trucks (one with the new Toyota Lift Kit).

My 2022 4Runner Video

I uploaded a video to my “ToyotaJeff Reviews” YouTube channel yesterday documenting our trail adventures.

The point of the video was to let viewers know how to use several off-roading tools and systems for Toyota Tacoma and Toyota 4Runner.

Primarily we used locking rear differential, multi-terrain select, and the multi-terrain monitor.

I hope you enjoy my video and that it helps you know when and how to use these valuable resources for 4Runner and Tacoma.

4Runner Locking Rear Differential

Locking rear differential is useful for getting yourself out of an obstacle when you have lost traction and encounter wheel slippage.

A simple push of a button locks both rear wheels on the rear axle. This forces both wheels to turn at the same speed. To do the same amount of work for you.

As I learned from hands-on experience, Toyota locking rear diff works well and really adds a certain level of confidence for both new and experienced trail drivers.

Multi-Terrain Select for Toyota Tacoma

Another practical tool in certain conditions is multi-terrain select.

The goal here is to give your vehicle the most traction based on the terrain you are driving on. Settings allow for optimal traction for mud and sand, rock and dirt, moguls, and even larger rocks.

Time for your Toyota Tacoma Comments

Thanks for reading everyone.

Do you have a vehicle that has either locking rear differential or multi-terrain select? If so, what situations have you used them in and what was the result?

One of my goals for my YouTube channel is to help both vehicle owners and people researching and shopping for a new vehicle. Buttons, controls, and dials can sometimes be confusing to figure out.

This is where hopefully I can help you learn more and have confidence in what your ride can do.

See you next story when I discuss how to buy a 4Runner in a vehicle shortage.

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