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How Remote Connect Benefits You and Your 2020 Toyota Highlander

Learn how to get Remote Connect on your 2021 Highlander and find out how it can help you.

Toyota Highlander was redesigned from the ground up for the 2020 model year. This means an entirely new platform, new safety features and definitely more technology.

One of these 2020 Highlander technological applications that improves convenience, saves you time and gives you peace of mind is Remote Connect. This is part of Toyota’s connected services package and you may very well fall in love with it once you start using it.

How to get Remote Connect on 2020 Highlander

New owners will find Remote Connect capabilities on Toyota Highlander models with Audio Plus multimedia and higher. This means all trim levels LE and higher will have this service built into your new SUV.

You must download the Remote Connect app on your smartphone when you purchase your new Highlander. This is a small subscription service, but the good news is that Remote Connect comes with a free 1-year trial.

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I have Remote Connect for my 2018 Camry XLE and I love it and use it several times a week.

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How Remote Connect can benefit you

First off, Remote Connect allows you to start your engine and turn it off right from your phone or smart watch. I tried this myself while I was in Las Vegas a year ago, with my car parked in Raleigh NC. It worked perfectly. Imagine if it is really cold or hot outside. You can start your engine and the car will adjust to whatever temperature you have it set for. Much more comfortable getting in.

Toyota Remote Connect 2020 Highlander Remote Engine Start

You can also lock and unlock your 2020 Highlander doors with Remote Connect. This can come in handy when you forget to lock your car door when you leave it. Your phone/watch will get an alert that your doors are unlocked and with one button push your doors will lock, giving you peace of mind.

VIDEO REVIEW: See all features of Remote Connect for my 2018 Camry XLE. This will be the same for 2020 Highlander.

Another valuable tool is vehicle status. This shows you how many miles you have left until you run out of gas, and if you left your windows or moonroof open.

Remote Connect also offers a nifty vehicle finder. After a full day of shopping at an outdoor mall, you can check Remote Connect app to see exactly where you left your car. I would think you can also track your car if it gets stolen and promptly alert authorities.

Guest driver lets you monitor your young drivers in the family to make sure they are not speeding or out past curfew. This also applies to a valet driver where you want to ensure they are not driving your 2020 Toyota Highlander outside a certain area radius or for too many miles.

Toyota Remote Connect 2020 Highlander Guest DriverTime for your thoughts on Remote Connect

Thanks for reading everyone. Do you think Remote Connect is a service you would find valuable in your next Toyota? Do you already have it and how is it working?

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Judy Rosenzweig (not verified)    July 3, 2020 - 8:25PM

My remote service worked for 2 weeks , have gone to my dealer still having trouble making another appointment to try to get it fixed

Anita Armstrong (not verified)    January 8, 2021 - 2:05PM

My Remote Connect APP does not open and just goes blank after the sign on screen. Is there an updated app I need to download? This is my 2019 Toyota Corolla .