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How to Get 56 MPG in a 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

One of the best all-around vehicles to consider is the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid. Find out tips to get the best gas mileage possible.

Toyota is making a major push toward introducing as many hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles as possible within the next several years. Consumers expect improved fuel efficiency more and more with their cars, trucks and SUVs so this initiative makes complete sense to me.

In fact, Toyota plans to offer an alternative fuel / electric option for every one of their vehicles within the near future. I expect we will see hybrids in vehicles we never imagined would be hybrids, as well as several brand new models using this or a similar power plant.

On that note, one vehicle to put on your shopping list is the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid. It is fun to drive, is a great value considering the standard equipment that comes with it, and gets really good gas mileage.

2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Blueprint color profile

Corolla Hybrid averages 53 mpg in the city, 52 mpg on the highway, and combines for 52 mpg overall. These are normally readings reserved for something like a Toyota Prius.

How can you get, though, even better fuel efficiency than 52 mpg? Here are some tips to help.

Utilize ECO mode in 2020 Corolla Hybrid

A Toyota vehicle’s ECO mode is designed to give you improved gas mileage. It does this by regulating the throttle and power output and climate control. By reducing power demands on the engine, you may in turn see increased mpg. I suggest you push that ECO button and leave it on in your car as much as possible. You can do this in a vehicle like a RAV4 Hybrid as well.

Keep your 2020 Corolla Hybrid highway speeds in check

Based on my driving review of the 2020 Corolla Hybrid, I feel you can keep your gas mileage from dipping too much by staying around 75 mph or lower on the highway. Obviously this is not always the easiest thing to accomplish, considering how fast the people around you on the road are flying these days.

Follow along as I find ways to get 56 mpg in my road test

I found as I got closer to higher speeds like 79 mph and higher, my gas mileage started taking a plunge and my average miles per gallon began decreasing immediately.

Drive reasonably in your Corolla Hybrid

This may seem like a no-brainer and something we should all follow. However, we all also know this is not necessarily the case in the real world.

According to, aggressive driving by speeding, rapidly accelerating and fast braking can negatively alter a driver’s fuel efficiency. “It can lower your gas mileage by roughly 15% to 30% at highway speeds and 10% to 40% in stop-and-go traffic”.

Take advantage of radar cruise control

All 2020 Toyota Corolla models are equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 active safety package. One of these important features is dynamic radar cruise control.

The beauty of this type of cruise control is the car automatically sets the distance between you and the car immediately in front of you. It does this based on your choice of 3 different distance settings (let’s call these conservative distance, average distance and closer distance).

Utilizing your radar cruise control not only alleviates some of the stress you might encounter during your highway road trips and daily commutes, but it also can give you better gas mileage.

Using this method helped me to achieve over 56 mpg during my 20-mile highway road trip test. Imagine if we could all have fuel efficiency in this range while driving to and from work every day.

Time for your thoughts on Corolla Hybrid

The 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid comes in one trim level – the LE model. Factory MSRP is $23,100.
What do you think about the Corolla Hybrid? Would you rather consider this one or a Prius or even a Prius Prime instead? Are you open to buying a hybrid in the near future or are you still not ready for one?

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Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I detail the Panoramic View Monitor in the 2020 Tacoma.

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