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Fans React Strongly to Nationwide 2021 Toyota Tundra Shortage

You may be surprised to see how fans are dealing with the new 2021 Tundra supply shortage. Eye-opening to say the least.

I recently wrote a Torque News story about a semiconductor computer chip shortage that is severely impacting the automotive industry.

You see, these computer chips are essential in the production of systems crucial for vehicle operation – infotainment, braking systems, power steering, and much more.

When one part is unavailable, for all practical purposes, that makes entire cars and trucks and SUVs unavailable.

This chip shortage impacts many vehicle models across many automotive brands.

Including Toyota Tundra. People just cannot find them.

It is one thing for me to write about it. But it becomes so much more real when you hear stories from people searching for these same vehicles.

Times are getting tough.

Toyota Tundra fans comment

2021 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Lunar Rock Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition Wind Chill Pearl

I did not realize I would get such an outpouring of comments from my “Toyotajeff” YouTube channel viewers and my Torque News / Toyota News readers on the topic.

Their stories are eye-opening. And a little scary too.

Jason commented. “Glad to have read this because I did not realize, but it makes sense. I've been browsing 2021 Tundras and Tacomas for a few months, and central Michigan is very limited. And speaking of limited, the only Tundra models I can find tend to be SR5 Crewmax only. Most dealers in the region only have 2-3 choices of each with very little options. I've been getting frustrated, but now I know there's a reason behind it. I wonder how this will impact the much-anticipated 2022 Tundra availability?” Actually, that is an excellent question. Hmm.

“I shopped for a 2021 Tacoma SR5 V6 4WD Access Cab for weeks. As of today (4/15/21) there are 58 in the entire country. When they hit the lot locally, they sell in 24 hours... I bought mine the day it arrived at a local dealer. I've had it exactly 1 month and those 58 that are available now are a minimum $2,000 higher than what I paid. Love driving it by the way.” Added CA H, who is searching for a Tacoma. Same situation.

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VEVO is waiting for a Tundra. “Ordered my TRD Pro about 6 weeks ago. Toyota told me 12 weeks to build it and deliver. I called them a couple weeks ago and they told me everything was still on schedule. Keeping my fingers crossed.”

TheSneakerJury said. “Yep I’m in California. The dealership I work out of, we’ve had an inventory of 0-2 Tundras for the past 5 months. Tacomas we have a ton, but they sell quick.”

“My dealer has had at most 5 Tundras at one time. Normally they have 12+. They've had quite a few Tacomas though. Stated RM.

Nightdancer61 has frustrating times too. “Ohhhhhh yes. Can’t get anything in for anyone to test drive because they always sell beforehand. All of ours in F status and most of ours in A status are sold already. Same goes for Tacomas. However sometimes they will actually touch the floor for a day before they sell. (Cincinnati Ohio).”

“Dallas market is pretty dry according to my friend that just purchased one. No deals to be had on them.” Commented a Google User in Texas.

The Ultimate Opportunist claimed. “Yeah all the dealerships near me have no trucks on their lots... Toyota, Dodge, and Chevy dealership.”

Time for your Toyota Tundra thoughts

2021 Toyota Tundra TRD Off-Road Army Green profile view

Thanks for reading everyone.

Has this global chip shortage affected your pursuit of a Tundra, as well as other Toyota models like Tacoma, RAV4 and 4Runner?

Will this impact whether you buy one now or in the future?

Also, do you have any personal stories of preowned truck inventory and how this shortage is affecting used vehicles and your truck search?

See you next story when I discuss the Toyota press release when they reveal their plans for 2022 Tundra and electrified power plant.

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Timothy Hunt (not verified)    April 20, 2021 - 10:25AM

Wow a truck that has sold insignificant numbers for a decade suddenly has fans fuming. How many potential buyers has this affected? A couple of thousand or possibly 3k? They still have trucks on dealers lots and have not cut off production to my knowledge. 8 and 9 thousand units a month can't get cut back much more and maintain the line. Tundra is a good truck and has many devotees. Toyota has maintained its truckiness and that is a good thing I believe.

Tony (not verified)    April 23, 2021 - 8:48PM

Here, in the San Antonio, Texas area, we're not experiencing those type of problems concerning unavailability of Tundras, Tacoma or any other models. I'm at Red McCombs Toyota in San Antonio several times a month and can find ANY model I'm looking for. I just purchased an SR5 Tundra 4WD last month because I didn't purchase the 1794 edition that was available on the showroom floor that had $20k in add-ons. I can ask Shane for any trim of any model and he always seems to have it available. Great dealership with a great salesman/manager.