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Confirmed: 2022 Toyota 4Runner Getting Much-Needed New Feature

Learn about an important new upgrade coming to 2022 4Runner. This will help prevent accidents.

Recently I wrote a Torque News story about the 2022 Toyota 4Runner. In the article I addressed a tip I received from one of my viewers.

Will 2022 4Runner finally get blind spot monitor option?

2022 Toyota 4Runner

2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro Lunar Rock profile view front end

I had not received confirmation from Toyota on this when I speculated about the connection between 4Runner and BSM (blind spot monitor).

Now, I have confirmation.

Toyota Product Communications department reached out to me with this information:

“TRD Sport will offer BSM as an option in the technology package.”

So, there you go, it is officially acceptable to report this information as “take it to the bank.”

The Toyota representative was unable to give details on other grades, as they have not been announced yet.

Only details for Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport.

Welcome news for 4Runner fans

2021 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition Army Green color profile view

Toyota 4Runner fans were happy for the news I brought in my story but were somewhat skeptical until things are officially confirmed.

Michael commented. “I'm not holding my breath. But if true I will be moving from my 2004 Dodge 2500 to a 4runner.”

“Maybe they got mixed up with Tacoma, which does have BSM on the TRD Sport with technology package. Hopefully not though…” Wondered a different Jeff.

READ MORE: Toyota fans torn over a lime 2022 4Runner.

Good point Jeff. It seems 4Runner might have borrowed this very practical idea from Tacoma. And luckily, this is true about 2022 4Runner.

Bo added. “Thanks, Jeff! This is definitely a move in the right direction.”

Coach Joe Gunn was happy and added in an additional request. “I own a 2019 4Runner TRD Off-Road and a tech package is long overdue. Jeff, you should suggest they make an automatic liftgate an option as well.”

I do love that idea Coach. This power liftgate is another extremely popular option that 4Runner fans have been calling for.

We have another 4Runner TRD Sport fan. Wild1995 had this to say.

“The TRD Sport seems to have surprised people. But Toyota probably discovered that many/most 4Runner buyers don’t go off road that much so a 4Runner for those people could spike sales.”

Time for your Toyota 4Runner comments

Thanks for reading everyone.

Now that there is official word from Toyota communications department, what do you think about blind spot monitor being added to the 2022 Toyota 4Runner?

This is not a redesign year, meaning the powertrain will remain unchanged. Owners can expect a 4.0-liter V6 engine and 5-speed automatic transmission.

No word on 2022 Toyota 4Runner release date. Plan on a time frame somewhere in the September or October range.

See you next story when I discuss the 2022 4Runner controversy of Electric Lime vs Yellow.

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Jose (not verified)    June 8, 2021 - 7:57PM


I feel, there should be more than one color offered with the Pro. with the price tag being what it is, especially when these vehicles are coming straight from Japan / or so I've heard.

PAW (not verified)    June 9, 2021 - 6:58AM

The much needed feature that is long overdue is a 6- or 8-speed transmission or even the 10-speed that is rumored for the 2022 Land Cruiser. I would love to own another 4Runner. I have owned 3, the last of which had a V8 with AWD. but with the current engine/transmission combo is a dog.

Tim (not verified)    June 9, 2021 - 8:21AM

The 4runner doesn't need a powered lift gate. Keep the 4runner grounded in its roots. The gearing needs to be updated for sure. I would love to see a 6 speed manual appear but that is just wishful drinking on my part.

Mandi (not verified)    June 11, 2021 - 5:59PM

In reply to by Tim (not verified)

Some of us are getting up there in years. I’ve had 3 shoulder surgeries and would welcome an automatic lift gate. We’ve owned 4 runners and still have our 2006. I just couldn’t buy one last time around because of my shoulder injuries. Please consider an automatic lift gate on the 2022 so everyone can continue to enjoy the 4 Runner!

Griz (not verified)    July 12, 2021 - 9:32AM

In reply to by Jose Reyes (not verified)

V8? I don't think that will ever happen. A 4 cylinder, maybe, but you can forget a V8 in the 4 Runner. What it really needs is a turbocharged V6 that would have more torque than a V8 and get better fuel mileage than a V8!

TxBecks (not verified)    June 9, 2021 - 10:30AM

How about automatic headlights? This seems like such a standard feature and yet only limited and TRD Pro have them

Pedro (not verified)    June 10, 2021 - 8:03AM

In reply to by Mark S. (not verified)

I own a 2012 4runner SR5 and a 2007 4runner SR5 before that I’m not an off road person even though I grew up in the Caribbean where you do a lot of off road in the mountains in New York there’s not much off road to do anyhow one of the things missing in the 4runner is the blind spot monitor system I been looking to add a after market one but is not the same I like factory built options I don’t know what’s taking Toyota so long to add something that’s been on the market for years now it should not even be an option it should be standard it would add a lot of safety to the drivers I’m 67 years old I don’t think I’m buying a new car my 4runner has only 38k miles on it still looks great but it’s nice to know Toyota is finally adding some much needed safety items to the 4runner.

Russ (not verified)    June 9, 2021 - 1:49PM

I constantly hear the BS that Toyota is not adding this piece of fluff or that gadget to their vehicles. What a load of manure.

I'll tell you what, when the other manufacture's can build a vehicle that can outlive most of the Toyotas out there then you can complain. In the meantime I will continue to drive my 300,000 mile Tundra that still runs almost a good as day 1 in 2001.

My only complaint is the quality of the paint and clear coat as applied in the factory but most older cars here in the Sunbelt seem to have the same issues, regardless of the maker.

D (not verified)    June 9, 2021 - 7:49PM

"Much Needed"? You must be joking. Talk about clickbait. How about "just another feature that people who still know how to adjust their mirrors will never use"? And an auto-open hatch? How about just another feature that will add unnecessary weight and probably break prematurely. I thought we were getting a 6speed manual. Nope - just another feature for lazy people who prefer to look at their own vehicle in their side mirrors instead of their surroundings. Please save these celebratory articles for people who buy Rav4s - not people who actually buy and drive 4Runners because they are the last SUV on the market that remains simple, reliable and truck-based.

Lisa (not verified)    June 10, 2021 - 6:45PM

In reply to by Adam (not verified)

I bought a 2019 4 runner and I hate it. Motor isn't big enough for the weight of the car. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. If it's not a V8 in the 4 runner don't buy it. I should of test drove on the highway before the purchase.

Curt (not verified)    July 19, 2021 - 4:39PM

In reply to by Michael Sutton (not verified)

Exactly! I don’t know how many people I see driving that have their mirrors angled to the point where they can only see the sides of their cars and just a little bit of the rear bumper.

Debbie (not verified)    June 10, 2021 - 4:10PM

Love my 2018 4 runner. I bought because I can see out of it and blind spots are minimum. I don’t need more buzzing in this car. I do think it has gotten too high. My 2007 much easier to get into and I do miss the v8 engine in my 2007 my son has got that 4 runner now. So in short I like my old and new 4 runners. Would like v8 engine back it had great pickup, a multi disc CD player , shorten the height back to my 2007 height , an automatic tailgate hands free, and the 4 wheel drive knob put back on the dashboard I like 2 cup holders sided by side and the new 3rd one would be added bonus. Oh and the tuning fork designed wheels are just awful on my 2018 but I wanted my nautical blue with redwood interior so I compromised. I like a more luxurious look to the 4Runner I don’t like it seen as an intimidating angry automobile. The look of the dark black darth Vadermobile and the pea green beat up dull army look 4Runner...I’m not sure what Toyota is trying to portray the car as . I like that it is strong sturdy powerful and luxurious. I like my car to be safe and reliable and to win in a car accident if that would ever happen I didn’t want a small SUV or a mommy highlander. I got what I wanted it’s beautiful just a little too tall.

Jeff (not verified)    June 14, 2021 - 10:38AM

Hey there! Wife is really interested in the TRD Sport trim. Can you confirm available options and what is in the Tech Package? As long as she can get her moonroof, she will be happy!

Michael Martinez (not verified)    July 2, 2021 - 12:22AM

No way Toyota adds the blind spot monitor or anything of significance for that matter for the 2022 model year. 2023 is supposed the be the all new redesign, and they would never add something to an old body style for one year. I call BS on that one..

Arun (not verified)    July 9, 2021 - 8:05PM

From 4runner point of view,

Toyota's view - Either Family or Offroad, but not both.
My view - Offroad capable vehicle with occasional use for third row seats.

Thats what I felt since the 4runner TRD versions are not available as 6/7 seater.

Thats the single big reason blocking me from buying it. I will buy it the first day when a 6/7 seater 4runner is available with factory fitted rear diff lock (If at all).

There may be 100 logical questions why diff lock, etc..etc. Being a car enthusiast and a non-jeep guy, thats what it matter to me, I am 70% sure I might not get it. Still its in my mind

Hearing some rumors that Nissan Xterra is coming back. Waiting for that too...

Bob Sampson (not verified)    August 1, 2021 - 10:47PM

I have a 2004 4Runner Limited V8 with 198000 miles.... I will keep it until they come our with a 4Runner V8.....

Robin Rutherfoord (not verified)    August 31, 2021 - 9:09PM

In reply to by Bob Sampson (not verified)

I’m a 3rd gen fan with manual transmission. No frills. Just a great truck with high clearance to off road, haul dogs and camping equipment. Mine is a 2000 with 267000. Still going strong and doesn’t look like it’s on steroids like the newer models. Shorter wheelbase to navigate deep desert ditches. Would love a slightly smaller, but with good cargo space, manual, and basic new 4 runner to eventually replace it

iany (not verified)    August 22, 2021 - 1:39AM

It's not as the addition of BSM is the invention of the wheel, much cheaper cars have that option long time ago.

iany (not verified)    August 22, 2021 - 1:57AM

It's not as the addition of BSM is the invention of the wheel, much cheaper cars have that option long time ago.