2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited Classic Silver Metallic and 2019 Toyota 4Runner Limited Blizzard Pearl
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Comparing 2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited vs 2019 Limited - Pick Your Winner

The refreshed 2020 Toyota 4Runner is now here. We compare the 2020 4Runner Limited against the 2019 model so you can see all the key changes.

Toyota 4Runner enthusiasts love to love the 4Runner. After all, they are tough, rugged and solid. But most importantly, they last practically forever and hold their value extremely well over time.

One critique, though, that I used to get all the time from my Toyotajeff YouTube channel viewers is the need for upgrades to several elements, including interior styling. Specifically, I’m referring to the need to become more modern in terms of safety, technology, convenience and its overall information displays and controls.

I feel the 2020 4Runner achieved those lofty goals with important upgrades in all those areas that should make a lot of potential 4Runner shoppers very happy. I recently wrote about how the 2020 TRD Pro will look in Army Green color, and now I will focus on changes to the 2020 4Runner Limited.

The powertrain will remain the same with 2020 4Runner

Since this is not the year the 4Runner will be redesigned (rumors persist of this happening in 2022), the traditional powertrain seen in the 2019 4Runner will remain intact. This includes a 4.0-liter V6 engine matched with a 5-speed automatic transmission, which produces 270 horsepower and 278 lb-ft. torque.

Compare 2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited vs. 2019 4Runner Limited in my video review

Say what you will about this powertrain combination, but it has proven to be extremely reliable and something you can count on to last for as long as you own your 4Runner. It is as close to a sure thing as you can get in the automotive world.

2020 4Runner will have a sense for safety

One of the most revolutionary movements in automotive safety in the last decade was the creation of Toyota Safety Sense in your favorite Toyota vehicles. I say this because this set of active safety features helps to drastically reduce both front and side collisions, as well as to assist drivers at nighttime.

Thankfully, Toyota Safety Sense has made its way into the 2020 Toyota 4Runner, and this is standard across the board on all trim levels, including the Limited grade I reviewed. Look for pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, automatic high beams, lane departure alert and dynamic cruise control while testing out your favorite new 4Runner this fall.

2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited Interior

Big multimedia upgrades coming to 2020 Toyota 4Runner

This is a time to celebrate if you own an Android phone and are looking at a 2020 4Runner or 2020 Tundra or 2020 Sequoia or even 2020 Tacoma. You see, these are the first Toyota models to get standard Android Auto, along with Apple CarPlay. In addition, all models come standard with Amazon Alexa commands and Waze compatibility. This should make navigation, music selection and phone calls much easier and less distracting for drivers.

All these applications will be viewed on the Limited’s 8” multimedia touch screen. Entertainment factor will be at an all-time high.

2020 4Runner Limited 8" Touch Screen
2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited Multimedia Touch Screen

I really like the look of the redesigned multimedia controls and buttons. The interior looks fresh and modern and appropriately sized to match 4Runner’s spacious interior cabin.

Versus 2019 4Runner 6.1" Touch Screen
2019 Toyota 4Runner Limited Multimedia Touch Screen

On a similar note, the 2020 4Runner Limited will rock out with 15 JBL speakers including subwoofer and amplifier. I have heard this JBL sound system many times in person. You will be glad you have it.

I’ll take 2 rear USBs please in the 4Runner

Please do not forget about your backseat passengers. After all, the 2020 Toyota 4Runner didn’t. All trim levels include standard additions of 2 rear USB ports.

2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited Rear USB Ports

This improvement will let people in the back charge their devices without bugging front seat passengers to use their ports. Parents of both smaller kids and teenagers know what I’m talking about here.

2020 4Runner Limited is special

There is plenty to already like about the Limited 4Runner, aside from the additions and upgrades to the 2020 model. This Limited grade features both heated and cooled leather seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and smart key with push button start.

Chrome accents highlight all sides along the 4Runner Limited exterior. I think of it as the perfect blend of sportiness and luxury.

You should see shipments of the new 2020 Toyota 4Runner reaching your local dealerships this month in September. Factory MSRP for 4x2 4Runner Limited is $44,885 while the 4x4 Limited will be priced at $46,920.

Time for your 4Runner thoughts

What do you think about the improvements to the 2020 4Runner? Do you think you will be researching a new 4Runner in the near future? How many miles do you have on your current 4Runner?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story when I share new owner stories about incredible 2019 RAV4 Hybrid MPG.

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Jeff what about the SR5 PREMIUM 4X4 DIFFERENCES improvements? which ones you mention in the limited don't improve on the premium model?
The only safety feature I would really lie to see is blind spot warning. I have this on my Ford and it's one of those features that once you have it you can't live without it. Thankfully several aftermarket blind spots are coming out but still I can't see how Toyota missed on this.
Does anyone know when Toyota is going to move the 4runner to the next generation and change the body style? The current one has been going on now since like 2009!