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Always Bet on Black with 2020 Toyota Camry Nightshade

First it was Android Auto. Next it was TRD. This is a busy season for Camry. Prepare for the 2020 Toyota Camry Nightshade and see what makes it so unique.


This is a busy season for Camry. Considering it was just redesigned in 2018, the nation’s best-selling midsize sedan is coming out with quite a few new surprises for the 2020 model year.

First it was the very welcomed addition of Android Auto to Toyota Camry’s multimedia portfolio. This move follows the lead of 2020 Tundra, Tacoma, Sequoia and 4Runner to add the popular application, along with Apple CarPlay. I am quite sure that 2020 RAV4 will follow suit very soon.

Next it was the launch of 2020 Camry TRD, joining the Avalon TRD in hitting dealerships in September. The Camry TRD takes a traditional Camry SE, along with the best parts of XSE, and evolves into a track-inspired performance car.

And now, get ready for the release of 2020 Camry SE Nightshade. Following in the footsteps of 4Runner, Highlander and Sienna, Nightshade features black accents throughout the exterior of Camry SE. This adds to the already-sporty feel of SE.

What makes Nightshade a Nightshade?

Gloss black is the name of the game. Toyota has accented several areas of the 2020 Camry’s exterior in this glossy black to put a stamp on sportiness with this new model. Look for these accents with the front grille, side mirror caps, rear spoiler, window moulding, shark fin antenna and outside door handles.

2020 Toyota Camry SE Nightshade Super White back end

Perhaps the primary cornerstones of 2020 Camry Nightshade that might make a bold first impression with you are the 18-inch black alloy wheels. They really set the car off and turn heads immediately.

Nightshade XP Package adds even more gloss black

In addition to this model’s standard gloss black accents, buyers who choose the Camry Nightshade XP Package on top of their SE Nightshade will get even more value. Look for these XP accents to include front grille surrounds, lower rocker panels that run from wheel to wheel and badging, XP and X Series badging, and X series red brake caliper covers.

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Oh, and there are fog lights that come with this XP package.

Fog Lights on a 2020 Camry

Shocking. Amazing. Unbelievable. These are all words that began swirling through my brain when I first heard the 2020 Camry SE Nightshade will come available as an option with fog lights. LED fog lights if we are being specific here.

One of the chief comments I could put in that good old trusty Camry suggestion box would be that adding fog nights to the Camry is a very good idea. I get questions and “constructive criticisms” about Camry on a regular basis asking why Camry does not have fog lights, especially on the sportier trim levels like XSE or even XLE. I did not have an answer for these Toyota fans.

2020 Toyota Camry SE Nightshade Super White front end

This is exciting to see LED fog lights on the 2020 Camry Nightshade. I think people will be pleased. With that being said, I do suggest getting the XP package upgrade if you are buying the 2020 SE Nightshade.

Time for your thoughts on 2020 Camry

The 2020 Toyota Camry SE Nightshade will come with a factory MSRP of $26,740. As a basis for comparison, traditional 2020 Camry SE is priced at $26,040. Not much difference between the two models, so it is a terrific value. Provided you like the gloss black look, of course.

SE Nightshade operates with a powertrain consisting of a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine that provides 203 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. torque. It is matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. It comes with a sport-tuned suspension.

2020 Toyota Camry SE Nightshade Interior Multimedia touch screen

What do you think about the Camry Nightshade? Do you have plans to research and shop for a Camry in the near future? If so, what trim level do you think is best for you?

Thanks for reading everyone. See you next story.

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