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Tesla Can Become an Ultimate Adventure Vehicle, but Off-roading Depends on Model U

Can Tesla Become the Ultimate Adventure Vehicle? I don’t see why not, but I have serious worries whether it cane become an off-roading vehicle as it depends on what the Model U brings.
Posted: May 11, 2019 - 10:09AM
Author: Al Castro


Tesla's long range models certainly can handle a paltry public charging station every 80 miles in 11 states out west. So, all you need is good pre-planning.

Tesla has already said it intends to add even more stations and with the present ones, more chargers, as the brand proliferates.

Off-roading and Tesla Model U

As far as serious off-roading, this is where I worry about Tesla a bit. We have to wait and see what Model U brings us.

The Model U needs to have serious rough terrain capability, and it would be helpful if it had an SUV variant to compete with Rivian and Range Rover. That means a serious on the fly 4x4 transfer and a good suspension option package for serious off-roading.

Therefore, this means the upcoming utility Tesla needs to take to the mountains like a Jeep, then tip toe a billow like a Rolls Royce when it comes back to town. But Model X is a fancy mini-van with all wheel drive, that’s it. She has to be more than that, and this is where Model U can help.

In fact, last year a couple from Atlanta decided to take their Tesla Model S on a road trip across the United States and pushed the car to it’s limits in long distance driving. And then range anxiety at Grand Canyon. Read the story at How the Tesla Model S may give you range anxiety, all the way to the grand canyon.

Image source: Tesla Twitter.

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