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Someone Just Saved Toyota From Bankruptcy With a New EV Study

In the past two weeks Toyota is realizing that people have a "sudden urge" for electric cars. Toyota's Executive Vice President Shigeki Terashi outlined the company's electric car production plans and said "progress has surpassed the target," referring to EV adoption progress, according to Automotive News.
Posted: June 14, 2019 - 8:56AM
Author: Al Castro

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Toyota hopes to make half of all of its car sales electrified by 2025.

My goodness, quick, please, someone get me some cold water so I can splash some on their face! With a study done it seems as if Toyota was knocked unconscious and suddenly woke up to realize the BEV car craze!

Toyota Makes Not One BEV for Mass Production

Toyota Motor Corporation, the car maker with the largest portfolio full of smog producing hybrid vehicles they now shamefully promote as “self charging” when 25 years ago they weren’t even considered real electric cars, makes not one BEV for mass production, and has steadfastly refused to do so. Not one.

So, it seems somebody with some sense at Toyota did a study and Woke Up senior management to have everyone hop to it making electric cars.

And I hope that same senior management realizes whoever conducted that study that they finally paid attention to, probably saved the company from bankruptcy. We’re getting to the point nobody wants their hybrids anymore. Toyota needs to “self charge” on that!

GM is ahead of Toyota in BEV production, but the 2019 Chevy Bolt hasn’t been selling very well, and it isn’t the car’s fault. Yet, Torque News' EV reporter Steve Birkett has an interesting insight, reporting 3 reasons the Chevy Bolt EV is already outdated (and what GM can do to fix it).

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