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One California Honda Accord owner's fight for justice

Honda Accord theft rate is very high as it's one of the most frequently stolen cars. While many owners look for various theft prevention ways one California man took a different route. What would you do to the guy that stole your Accord if you found him?

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We have all at one time or another said things like “If that were me!” and followed it it some elaborate details, but what if you were truly face to face with a dangerous wanted criminal? One California man did just that! On Dec 4th a man whose name is being kept under wraps woke up to find his blue 91 Accord had been stolen. He called police and filed a report and then proceeded post the event to his Facebook page alerting all his friends to keep a lookout for his car. He only had to wait an hour before he got a hit. One of the man's friends called to inform him that he had found it in a parking lot nearby.

The friend followed the stolen Honda Accord through town giving the owner updates until which point the owner could join him in another car. Soon after the man in the stolen Accord identified by police as Aaron Williams Ashby noticed he was being followed and tried to get away. That's where this criminals day went from bad to worse. In his attempt to flee he quickly turned into a cul-de-sac and crashed the Accord into a curb hiding under a large pile of leaves.

The fugitive then got out of the car and tried escaping on foot, but the owner wasn't going to let that happen. An argument ensued with the car thief not wanting to wait around for police to show up. So as the thief tried to get away the owner of the Accord tackled him to in trying to make a citizen’s arrest until police could arrive. After a fight the victim and his friends restrained Ashby. Police showed up shortly after this and arrested Ashby

Aaron Williams Ashby was taken to the Shasta County Jail and charged with felony vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, many other charges along with violating his parole. The police ended up thanking the group for apprehending Ashby The Accord owner and his friends were not charged with there engagement, but police discourage this kind of justice. The National Insurance Bureau says that with more than 50,400 Accords stolen it's the most stole car in the U.S. alone. So i ask what would you do if you found the person that stole your Accord?

Also see my previous story on Honda Accord owners everywhere who want to know why Honda is scraping the v6 for 2018. Has your car ever been stolen or know someone who's car has been stolen? What did you and how did the story end up? Please write your opinions in the comment sections below for discussion. If you liked this article and think it may help your friends, consider sharing or tweeting it to your followers.

Image reference: Anderson Police Department/Facebook.

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