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Civic Type R buyer receives unexpected surprise

A Honda Civic Type R buyer says he was pleasantly surprised after coming home and finding a package by his door step containing something cool that he’d never seen before. So, what was in the box?


Honda Civic enthusiast forum member stevescivic wrote about his experience and made a YouTube video sharing his excitement.

Stevescivic writes, “I called to ask for a Type R-specific brochure because our U.S. friends can get a free copy of it straight from Honda U.S. […] The lady on the phone said, ‘We have nothing to give out to people including brochures of any sort.’ She did say she'd rummage around the office to see what she could find and then this box shows up at my doorstep!”

“I received a Honda care package [in] the mail today and much to my surprise it is all Civic Type-R paraphernalia! I got an official Honda Canada Civic Type R sales trifold brochure, a Type R T-shirt, and most importantly, a 1/43 scale Type R model in its own display case in the iconic Championship White color!”, stevescivic wrote for his YouTube video.

I, too, have received "thank you" items from Honda

The first was a brochure congratulating my first year of ownership of a 2017 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E. The second was welcoming me to my 2017 Honda Civic Si. The most interesting part was not my name appearing in the brochures, but the thoughtful touch of a photo of the actual trim and color of each vehicle I purchased. Both brochures were professionally printed on high quality stock and included a cleaning cloth for the vehicle's touch screen.

Little things like this help make for a positive and memorable ownership experience. It’s not unusual to receive advertisements from automakers and their dealers, but it’s less common and very thoughtful to receive a simple “thank you for being a customer” gift long after the sale is complete.

He was initially hesitant to share

Stevescivic further writes, “I was hesitant on sharing because I didn’t want to come across as bragging, but I couldn’t hold back from sharing with other Honda enthusiasts!” I think he has every right to share his wonderful experience. Thank you, stevescivic, and congratulations on your treasure!

With all the negativity we see and hear on a daily basis, it is uplifting to share in stevescivic’s joy about his unexpected gift and the courtesy that Honda extended to him. The TrueScale Miniatures Limited website currently lists the Honda Civic Type R die cast model for pre-order at $55.00 making stevescivic’s gift something to cherish.