The title image from the Toyota/Discovery Channel documentary.

Toyota partners with Discovery to produce Life Behind the Wheel

Toyota, in partnership with the Discovery Channel and Discovery Education, has produced a documentary titled LIFE BEHIND THE WHEEL a comprehensive look at safe driving habits at all ages and generations, which will air March 3 at 8 a.m. Eastern and Pacific.

When it comes to the people driving and riding in our cars, whether they are driving or simply passengers, young children, teenagers, friends, family or significant others – they are all the most precious cargo we ever transport from one place to another. There are pernicious concerns relating to those occupying child car seats, driving or riding teenagers, and aging septuagenarians behind the wheel, all of which are the subject of the documentary video.

“At Toyota, safety is a priority in everything we do, we are focused on making sure drivers everywhere have the resources they need to keep their families, friends and loved ones safe and secure,” said Pat Pineda, Group Vice President, National Philanthropy, Toyota Motor North America, Inc. “Toyota’s partnership with Discovery Channel is significant and underscores our efforts to keep the roads safe for all.”

Notably, certain statistics from the modern road are alarming. For instance 70 percent of all child car seats are incorrectly installed in the autos our beloved youngsters depend on. The greatest killer of teenagers around is auto accidents – far beyond drugs, teen suicide and violence – all concerns in their own right.

Perhaps not surprisingly, fatality rates per mile driven for drivers 75 and older are four times the rate of those of 30 to 60-years-olds.

“We are proud to partner with Toyota for this important documentary. Safe driving is a life-long lesson. LIFE BEHIND THE WHEEL gives people of all ages critical information while highlighting important new strides in technology that are creating better drivers and saving lives along the way,” said John Whyte, MD, Chief Medical Expert for Discovery Channel.

The Toyota sponsored production crosses the nation from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where Toyota’s creative Buckle Up for Life program is helping parents to properly install car seats to MIT’s groundbreaking research which illuminates the challenges of older drivers. LIFE BEHIND THE WHEEL showcases a new technology allowing parents to track teen driving habits, as well as a broad range of driver education and safety solutions.

LIFE BEHIND THE WHEEL can be downloaded free by clicking here or on iTunes. In addition, parts of the documentary will soon be available on, a free, online partnership with Discovery Education providing safety resources to schools, educators, parents and students.

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