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Will Hyundai Kona EV Come to North America?

We know Hyundai is planning at least one EV SUV.
Posted: June 6, 2017 - 3:26PM
Author: Tim Healey

We know it will possibly start at around $39,000.

What we don’t know is which, if any, crossover model will carry the EV mantle and if it will be sold in North America.

Now we’re hearing that the Kona and the Stonic, which is another crossover based off of the Kona, will be getting EV options.

What's a Kona?

As a quick reminder, the Kona is an upcoming subcompact crossover that will be unveiled soon. It is slated to compete with the Chevrolet Trax, Honda HR-V, Nissan Juke, Toyota CH-R, and others.

Planned EV

German car mag Auto Bild is reporting that the European version of the Kona EV will reach market in the fall of 2018 with a battery of more than 50 kWh and a range of somewhere between 217 miles and 311 miles (we’d bet closer to 217, based on how real-world driving conditions often sap battery power and shorten range).

Auto Bild is also predicting a price of 35,000 euros, which is right in line with the $39,000 figure reported earlier.

An EV crossover with more than 200 miles of range, likely more interior and cargo space than a Chevrolet Bolt or Tesla Model 3, all for just a few grand more? Such a vehicle would likely be very competitive.

Which means we’d be shocked if it doesn’t come to North America.

Auto Bild via PushEVs