Next Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The Pros and Cons of an Electrified Hyundai Genesis EV

Hyundai has several reasons to go electric with its next Genesis Coupe. Let's look at the choices, types and the brand perspective vs sporting perspective of the next Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

A recent report from Motor Authority suggests that the next Genesis Coupe will be electrified in some capacity, rather than offered with a V-8 engine.

It’s not clear from the article if an electrified powertrain means full EV or a hybrid powertrain. It’s also unclear if the car will have differing powertrains for different markets. What is clear is that the car’s design chief appears to have confirmed that a planned V-8 has been nixed, at least based on comments he made to an Australian car magazine.

The next Genesis Coupe is expected to arrive in 2020 as the last in a line of six new vehicles from Hyundai’s Genesis luxury brand, which recently spun off from Hyundai. Previously, Hyundai offered two distinct models under the Genesis nameplate – the luxury Genesis sedan and the sporty Genesis coupe.

Hyundai’s head of the next Genesis Coupe told MA that the move to an electrified powertrain was due to restrictive emissions policies in some urban areas. With the car’s arrival still nearly four years away, Hyundai is trying to anticipate the regulatory environment and adjust accordingly.

Brand Perspective vs Sporting Perspective

That’s a move that makes sense from the brand’s perspective, but does it from a sporting perspective? It depends, of course, on what type of sporty coupe Hyundai expects the next Genesis Coupe to be. While an EV or hybrid powertrain will almost certainly provide plenty of acceleration, will the lack of a snarling V-8 – or even a powerful V-6 – make the car somehow look “lesser” in the eyes of enthusiasts?

Genesis Coupe EV Luxurious Grand-Tourer vs Upscale Coupe vs Pony-Car Class

The targeted competitive set matters, too. Would Hyundai rather present the car as a luxurious grand-tourer that would compete against the hybrid version of the new Lexus LC? Or does Hyundai/Genesis see the new car as more-upscale version of the outgoing Genesis Coupe, which was always positioned as car that could compete against entry-level models in the pony-car class? If it’s the former, an electrified powertrain will likely be more accepted by buyers. Certainly, the Vision G Concept, which may be a preview of the planned model, leans more towards LC competitor than budget pony-car slayer.

Choices of Next Genesis Coupe Engines

Of course, there may be more than one engine offered – a hybrid or EV powerplant may be just one choice. Still, it sure looks like a V-8 won’t be one option.

From a performance perspective, that’s disappointing. But Hyundai and Genesis have their business case, and a luxury grand-tourer may be a far better fit for the burgeoning luxury brand than an affordable sports car.

Who knows? Maybe Hyundai will see space in its lineup for a car much like the outgoing Genesis Coupe – with a different name, of course.

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