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You Can Now Control Your Hyundai With Google Home, But Would You Want To?

Hyundai announced a new partnership with Google which will add voice controls for your vehicle via Google Home and Hyundai's Blue Link service.

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The announcement was made at CES 2017, arguably the largest technology industry show held in Las Vegas which will integrate the features of the Google Home's voice features with Hyundai's Blue Link service which will give the car access to remote functions such as the vehicle's ignition, unlocking the vehicle and accessing Google maps, so you can look up a destination which will be sent directly to your car with voice commands.

Hyundai's blue link service is a 'comprehensive safety and car care package' which has trained operators to provide assistance to your vehicle, which includes automatic collision notification, SOS emergency assistance, service link and monthly vehicle health reports which can be controlled via smart phone, Apple watch or Android Wear devices. The Google Home will now allow you to access the blue link functionality from inside your home.

Remote access functions through smart phones and smart watches are not completely groundbreaking, but at least Hyundai's version is one of the first which officially integrates with a digital home assistant. There have been Recent hacked versions such is the Alexa Tesla hack, but none up to now that that have been completely integrated. More features will be added before the launch of Action for Google Home, which should be at some time early 2017.

If you currently have the Blue Link service the functionality works the same now on Android Wear and Apple watches which means you could be doubling up your technology to do the same stuff. Obviously if Google Home appeals along with the other things it will potentially do that's fine, but you get the functionality anyway right now, so don't think you're missing out if you don't own a Google home. It's just that Google Home adds yet another device to control these features dedicated to inside the home, which will appeal to some.

Hyundai are also gearing up with other tech., including autonomous driving with its new Ioniq sedan also being shown at CES 2017 and will be driving along dedicated routes throughout the show for interested showgoers. Inside the show Hyundai will be using its Immersive Virtual Reality to give attendees the chance to experience their driverless vehicles, while the the Ioniq Electric will be debuting its 'Micro Mobility' concept.

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