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Mini Hyundai Crossover Spotted In The Wild, Will It Take On The Honda HR-V?

A new Mini Hyundai Crossover has been spied out on the road, which will hopefully take up the slack for the Korean car makers in this segment.
Posted: February 2, 2017 - 5:49AM
Author: Dave Ashton

It's not really a surprise that Hyundai are testing out crossovers as they dominate in the sedan world but really need to bring up the defences when it comes to SUVs and the like. Autoguide spotted the new subcompact crossover being tested on the roads of Germany with a new up-to-date look which may follow the design lines of the Accent or i20, with more crossover traits such as better ground clearance and practicality.

Headlights and taillights seem to be along the lines of other recently spotted upcoming Hyundai vehicles with front wheel drive presumably being featured as standard and all wheel drive coming as an option. The spy shots provided by Autoguide give a brief glimpse into the interior of the vehicle which was mostly covered up like the rest of the car, but does give an indication of an upgraded design from the current Hyundai offerings. It's most probable that the infotainment system and Blue Link technologies will be integrated, but what will be included for the complete design on the final model is unclear as yet.

The new model will most likely share its platform with the i20 and i30 subcompact, bolstering the line from the current Tucson and giving people the option for a smaller version which will fit better for pricing. No naming conventions have been released as yet, so could it get an 'i' in its name or some name unto itself?

The biggest question is will it be able to take on the likes of the Honda HR-V and other competitors such as the Mazda CX-3 and Toyota C-HR? With Hyundai arguably lagging behind in this sector, they do have to make up ground but with the success of the likes of the Tucson and the wider success of their sedans, you would expect the new model to at least claim some of the market, especially if EV variations start to come out.

If we want to put our speculating heads on, the EV route may be the way forward for Hyundai in the subcompact market where a very practical electric vehicle which is also affordable would be widely appealing in the long run. with hybrid and fully electric vehicles already available from Hyundai, this route for the subcompact market almost seems inevitable. Speculation aside, this new crossover will at least be the start of Hyundai filling in this gap in the market with a likelihood of more models coming out of the next few years.

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