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Hyundai Sets Date For ItsVoice Controlled Ioniq EV

Hyundai Motors will be launching its own artificial intelligence assistance functionality in the Ioniq later this year.

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The Korean car manufacturer Hyundai will be bringing their own version of artificial intelligence to the fully electric Ioniq later this year which will be the first vehicle to adopt this system. However, it's only been developed for the Korean shores. Hyundai currently use Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant for the vehicle sold in the American market, but as those systems only offer English and German, Hyundai decided to work on their own AI system for use on their own shores.

It's expected that the first generation of the AI system will use voice commands so the driver can make use of all the car's internal functionality such as the infotainment system, phone and navigation. 'In overseas markets, we teamed up with foreign partners but in Korea we have worked on our own system to offer Korean language service and reduce costs' said a Hyundai official.

The first vehicles to have the Amazon Alexa voice recognition system was the high-end offerings of the Genesis G80 and G90 which are compatible with Amazon Echo which will allow the vehicle's owner to control aspects of their car from home. It's expected that further vehicles in the Hyundai range will start to take on Google Assistant functionality.

Although the carmaker is clearly adopting these third-party systems from Amazon and Google, with the development of their own system means that it's probably only a matter of time before this makes its way onto other shores. This is obviously conjecture at this point, as the company will have to see how well the system runs on home shores before it is adopted elsewhere.

As the fully electric Ioniq starts to gain more ground it makes sense for the company to eventually start making its own bespoke software systems which will eventually be matched against other vehicles AI systems such as the upcoming Tesla Model 3 which has its own bespoke functionality.

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