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Hyundai Veloster Wins Best Small Hatchback And Gets Covered In Thousands of Crystals

Although the Hyundai Veloster is a few years old now, it's still winning over fans and most recently won the title of Best Small Hatchback at the Oman Auto Excellence Awards.

The Oman Auto Excellence Awards gave the Hyundai Veloster the honours of Best Small Hatchback, winning over the experts with its styling, refinement, performance and unique door concept. The layout of one huge driver's door and two passenger side doors was seen as being very unique combined with a vehicle that is fun to drive, has unique styling and great value for money. The model nominated was the 1.6L six speed automatic with 130hp, which was said to appeal to the youth market by combining great fuel economy, performance and low emissions. Considering that this was awarded to the base model vehicle, it's a great boost to the rest of the line.

The 2017 Veloster has some upgraded features which include 18 inch alloy wheels for all models, ABS and ESP, Bluetooth, central door locking, cruise control, airbags all round, folding mirrors, foglamps, keyless entry, leather steering wheel, air conditioning, power mirrors and windows, parking sensors, and rear view cameras.

The award shows that the Hyundai Veloster still has loads of appeal right across the line and has been consistent over the years ranking highly in general, with both critics and consumers. Hyundai vehicles also seem to have a strong resale value globally showing a general worth in the vehicles. Hyundai have a strong presence in Oman within the passenger vehicle category and is one of the most popular brands in Oman.

Another standout online came from a Veloster being customised by covered in thousands of 'crystals' as seen over at At first I just thought it was a pixelated image, but on closer inspection the car truly had thousands of small crystals embedded into the bodywork creating a two tone white and yellow body. Looking more closely at the images all the crystals have been meticulously placed to create the two tone effect which must have been an incredible amount of work to pull off. Even the wheels have crystal inserts over the red surrounds. The car is said to be owned by a lady who works in the field of beauty. Shame the original images don't give any more details about who perform the work and how much it actually cost.

If you're not as interested to go to these lengths to completely cover your own Veloster in thousands of crystals, then I found this Hyundai badge blinged out in crystals over on Pinterest. It will at least give you some of the same effect without going to the complete lengths of covering your whole car.

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