Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Hyundai Veloster Turbo in the shop for the 4th time, for real?

Just when everything is going great with your Hyundai Veloster Turbo, there is always something that can possibly go wrong or does it?

Hyundai vehicles are known for being mechanically robust, but every so often there is an example vehicle which gets complaints. This is not to highlight it per se, but to show how things like these can possibly be resolved with help from forum members. One user in the Veloster forums had problems with the passenger side window not working on his Veloster turbo. He took it to the dealer where the problem was solved however, the fault came back again very soon after and had to be fixed four times. He does point out though that these were rental cars.

Other forum members have given a few possible solutions for this Hyundai Veloster, the first being the IIRC 'are controlled via the Smart Junction Box (SJB)' with the replacement of the SJB which can be very expensive and the dealer may be having trouble getting reimbursement from Hyundai Corp under Warranty.

A few other members said that the problem may be from an overly hot climate, 'The temperature was up in the 90's over the last several days and now that it has dipped back down, it's working again.' 'Has anyone had this problem in a cool climate?'

The thread then goes on with some other interjections, but it's not really resolved. This basically highlights the point that no matter the complaint or problem with a vehicle, it can't really be substantiated without conclusion which can always be the problem with some forum posts.

Checking out other forum threads it seems that the window problem hasn't popped up anywhere else, so is this a one-off problem or just a bogus thread? Either could be probable but like any car fault where the vehicle is still under warranty the usual route is straight back to the dealer until the problem is resolved one way or another. Doing some online searches there have been notes on windows not working properly, but it seems a trip to the dealer sorted out the problem in most cases.

For me, it highlights the point that without conclusion some of the forum threads can be a bit of scaremongering for individual vehicles. Follow up only the ones that have concluded properly. Otherwise it's down to personal experience for how well the problem is resolved by the dealer.

Have you had any problems with your Veloster Turbo and how were they resolved? Comment below.

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