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Hyundai To unveil FE Fuel Cell Concept At Geneva Motor Show

Hyundai expected to reveal their FE fuel cell concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Hyundai motor Company have a lot to show off this year at the Geneva Motor Show and some of their flagship vehicles will involve electric. 180 companies are expected to show off more than 900 vehicles at the show, so to stand out from the crowd you have to do something special.

One of the vehicles that Hyundai motors will highlight will be its hydrogen powered offering the FE Concept (Future Eco), as these are probably the vehicles that need the most press. The vehicle should be available by Next February and if all goes well for Hyundai in the hydrogen market, they will be one of the front runners. The all electric Ioniq will also make an appearance to bolster the EV field.

The futuristic looking FE fuel cell concept is expected to improve on the Tucson fuel cell car in range and power with a 20% lighter body than the Tucson and at least 10% more efficient. Range wise, the vehicle is expected to be able to do 497.097 miles on one tank of hydrogen. The Fe will also carry a small battery pack which can be charged up and used on other vehicles smaller devices in the cabin, such as smart phones and the touchscreen system. the trunk of the car will also have storage for an electric scooter and charger which can be used in urban areas, which Hyundai say will lead towards their Hydrogen Energy Society. The company say that they expect to launch 14 more eco models between now and 2020.

Many of the aspects of the FE Concept could be used for a 2018 SUV Fuel Cell model which will feature Hyundai Smart Sense' driver assistance technologies. The current vehicle on offer also has an internal air humidifier which recycles the water from the hydrogen cell into the cabin

Hyundai subsidiary company Kia Motors will also be unveiling a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)SUV in the form of the Niro before it hits the US and Europe later in the year. The PHEV K5 sports wagon which won the International Forum Design Award will also be on show.

The Hyundai i30 will also be making its debut. The i30 Wagon should also be accompanied by a regular hatch.