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Hyundai Tease With New Sporty Sonata Sketches On Facebook

Hyundai give us a tantalising look at the new Sonata posted on Facebook.

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In our growing age of social media it's no surprise that upcoming model revisions by car manufacturers are first posted on social media platforms such as Facebook. Hyundai have just posted on their Facebook page two preliminary sketches of the next version of the Sonata which will get a refresh, potentially at the end of the year. The two sketches show the vehicle front and back over its last two generations, now with a more sporty and angry a look.

Firstly, the grille is now a hexagonal affair and is larger than previous versions, with a more slick headlights and far funkier looking air intakes, which give a more aggressive look all around. The rear sketch carries on the aggressive look with redesigned lights, quad exhaust and a redesigned rear diffuser.

The overall look will be more in line with the Elantra and although the design will probably change some before the final release, it at least will give us an idea of how Hyundai are heading with the model.

There is no information at the moment with powertrains or functionality for the Sonata, but there could be a 260 HP engine on the new Sonata 2.0T, with a possible preliminary showing at the New York auto show in April. However, the likelihood of this is slim as the company would probably release more information before such a close debut.

From the comments on the Hyundai Facebook page, it seems most people are impressed with this updated design. If this is going to be a mild refresh or a complete redesign is unclear at this moment, but the sketches show that the company is heading in the right direction.

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