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Hyundai Sonata Korea launch Shows What's In Store For US version

The upgraded Hyundai Sonata hits Korean shores and gives an idea of whats in store for the US model.

Hyundai have debuted the Sonata for the Korean market with sharper lines and more tech. than before. This will at least give some idea of the final shape that will hit the US shores for the 2018 model.

The front of the car has a more aggressive fascia with a larger grille than before, which seems to be the ongoing design principle across the range from this point on. This is also apparent with the front headlights and redesigned hood which is more in line with the Elantra GT. Stronger lines in the whole range of design seems to be the way Hyundai are going at the moment.

The turbocharged 2.0T version will most likely be the top of the range with black bezel headlights, running light surrounds, black side mirrors to give it its distinctive look from the rest of the range. It will also have an eight speed automatic transmission, replacing the six speed version currently in use. The 2.0T also gets a fourth driving mode in the form of an adaptive Smart choice accompanying the Sport, Eco, and Comfort modes.

All trim levels of the Sonata will have a new centre stack with a redesigned steering wheel, amongst other upgrades. You get another USB charging port, wireless charging station and more additions to the on-screen user menu. Standard will be Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
The dashboard buttons have apparently been upgraded with the addition of the new steering wheel design.

Possible launch dates for the US version could be April's New York auto show, or even going into the fall with the Los Angeles auto show.